A Little Rain Never Stops a Wedding

Sheri and Joseph were married on June 24, 2018 at the Beth Emeth Synagogue in Toronto. The day started with quite a bit of rain and wind but ended in beautiful sunshine in the early evening. We love starting our weddings capturing the groom – there such an amazing energy with the guys – excitement, nerves, laughter and just plain goofing around. It was great vibes from the moment we arrived. We then headed out to meet Sheri at the synagogue. It was pure perfection – she was ready for us the moment we arrived. Once we captured all the details, we got Sheri dressed in the main hall where the window light and curtains are gloriously big. The rain just stopped in time for the reveal outside the synagogue. It was a wonderful wedding filled with family and friends ready to celebrate.

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Photo: Little Blue Lemon
Wedding Planner: Esther Marcus Events
Venue: Beth Emeth
Caterer: Uptown Gourmet
Entertainment: Dave Murphy Band
Decor/Flowers:  Décor Fleurever; Irina Linens: Right Choice Linens for linens & drape line
Make-up: Alisa Lyons Hair: Svitlana Skiba