A Swoon Worthy Affair!

Melissa and Jason were married on March 26, 2016 at the Liberty Grand in the historic CNE grounds in Toronto. This wedding provided the perfect backdrop for some major swoon worthy photo inspiration. From an Annasul Y Wedding dress to Manolo Blahnik shoes, we couldn’t have started the day out better ;) The Sheraton Hotel in Downtown Toronto provided the perfect spring setting for getting ready photos. We were thrilled when we found access to the waterfall and saw that the hotel windows had just been cleaned giving us a clear line of site :) We LOVED the reaveal in Nathan Philip Square. We then headed to Liberty Grand and the Princess Gates to capture incredible photos of these stunning folks! Check out the incredible flower arrangements in oversized candelabra’s as centerpieces for each table, combined with candle light and purplely blue up-lighting – this wedding was an epic affair.

Melissa & Jason SneakPeek MelissaJasonSneakPeek2 MelissaJasonSneakPeek3 MelissaJasonSneakPeek4 MelissaJasonSneakPeek5 MelissaJasonSneakPeek6 MelissaJasonSneakPeek7 MelissaJasonSneakPeek8 MelissaJasonSneakPeek9 MelissaJasonSneakPeek10 MelissaJasonSneakPeek11 MelissaJasonSneakPeek12 MelissaJasonSneakPeek13 MelissaJasonSneakPeek14 MelissaJasonSneakPeek15 MelissaJasonSneakPeek16 MelissaJasonSneakPeek17 MelissaJasonSneakPeek18 MelissaJasonSneakPeek19 MelissaJasonSneakPeek20 MelissaJasonSneakPeek21 MelissaJasonSneakPeek22 MelissaJasonSneakPeek23 MelissaJasonSneakPeek24 MelissaJasonSneakPeek25 MelissaJasonSneakPeek26 MelissaJasonSneakPeek27 MelissaJasonSneakPeek28 MelissaJasonSneakPeek29 MelissaJasonSneakPeek30 MelissaJasonSneakPeek31 MelissaJasonSneakPeek32 MelissaJasonSneakPeek33 MelissaJasonSneakPeek34 MelissaJasonSneakPeek35 MelissaJasonSneakPeek36 MelissaJasonSneakPeek37 MelissaJasonSneakPeek38 MelissaJasonSneakPeek39 MelissaJasonSneakPeek40 MelissaJasonSneakPeek41 MelissaJasonSneakPeek42 MelissaJasonSneakPeek43 MelissaJasonSneakPeek44 MelissaJasonSneakPeek45 MelissaJasonSneakPeek46 MelissaJasonSneakPeek47 MelissaJasonSneakPeek48

Photo & Cinema: Little Blue Lemon
Venue: Liberty Grand
Wedding Planner: Malvina Chevolleau of Fabulous Occasions
Wedding dress: Becker’s Bridal
Wedding dress designer: Snow by Annasul Y
Style of your wedding dress: Trumpet
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik at Holt Renfrew
Groom’s suit: King & Bay Custom Clothing (Groomsmen as well)
Jewelry/Rings: Jae Byun Jewellery Solution
Décor/Linens:  Susan Murray International
Florist: Express Flower Wholesale
Hair & Make-up done: Hair and Make-up by Janet Ford and Riva Chu
Invitations/Stationery: Joel Yum and Lisa Bang
Wedding Cake: Dolled Up Cupcakes
Entertainment: DJ Lyon