Sarah & Josh – A Gorgeous Day at The Doctor’s House

Sarah & Josh came to us through Josh’s cousin Kaylie, who we had already photographed last summer, so it was really nice to see a bunch of the old gang again. The day was a stunner – perfect weather, nice calm tempo, everyone just bursting to join the party! After the reveal/first look, we all headed to The Doctor’s House and did lots of cool photos in Kleinburg and surrounding area. The ceremony was beautiful and the party was hot hot hot…so it was kinda nice to pull Sarah and Josh out for a few minutes once blue hour hit so we could do some wicked nighttime photos.

Sarah & Josh Doctor's House

Sarah & Josh Doctor’s House

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Wedding Planner: Heidi Gruenspan
Wedding Dress: Bliss Bridal in Cheshire, Connecticut by Essence of Australia
Groom’s Suit: Suit Supply
Ushers Suits: The Black Tux 
Décor/Linens: Decor is by The Thornhill Market Florist, Linens by The Doctor’s House
Who is your Florist: Thornhill Market Florist
Wedding Cake is by: Encore Catering
Entertainment: Daniel Carson with Magen Boys
Shoes: Badgley Mischka

Jaime & Yoni – Balmy February Wedding

Talk about lucky – Jaime and Yoni had a February wedding *cough, winter, cough* BUT scored weather like it was May 1st!! Also lucky to have found each other and lucky us, that we were the ones to share this awesome day with them. Check out some of our favourite snaps from their wedding day at the newly renovated Chateau Le Parc. We had the pleasure of working with the one and only wedding planning skills of Heidi Gruenspan - our fave!

JaimeYoni SneakPeek JaimeYoni SneakPeek2 JaimeYoni SneakPeek3 JaimeYoni SneakPeek4 JaimeYoni SneakPeek5 JaimeYoni SneakPeek6 JaimeYoni SneakPeek7 JaimeYoni SneakPeek8 JaimeYoni SneakPeek9 JaimeYoni SneakPeek10 JaimeYoni SneakPeek11 JaimeYoni SneakPeek12 JaimeYoni SneakPeek13 JaimeYoni SneakPeek14 JaimeYoni SneakPeek15 JaimeYoni SneakPeek16 JaimeYoni SneakPeek17 JaimeYoni SneakPeek18 JaimeYoni SneakPeek19 JaimeYoni SneakPeek20 JaimeYoni SneakPeek21 JaimeYoni SneakPeek22 JaimeYoni SneakPeek23 JaimeYoni SneakPeek24 JaimeYoni SneakPeek26 JaimeYoni SneakPeek27 JaimeYoni SneakPeek29 JaimeYoni SneakPeek30 JaimeYoni SneakPeek31 JaimeYoni SneakPeek35 JaimeYoni SneakPeek36


Photography: Little Blue Lemon
Planner: Heidi Gruenspan
Venue: Chateau Le Parc
Wedding Dress: Amandalinas
Wedding Dress Designer: Essence of Australia
Grooms Tux: Tuxedo Royal/ Groosmen same place
Rings: Odyssey Custom Jewellery
Decor/Florist: Trevor Florence
Hair: Fancy Face
Makeup- BOM Makeup (Michelle Margulis)
Invitations from: The Write invite
Entertainment: Saturday Night Jive

We shoot a lot of cinema!

Congratulations Lindsay and Mack on such a fabulous wedding at Wooden Sticks Golf Course. We had the pleasure of shooting their photography as well – but we just LOVE when couples add a highlight film to their day. Having a beautiful movie to showcase their love and joy – is something that couples cherish just as much as their photos!

Lindsay Mac Highlight 1.3 from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.

Congratulations Sabrina & Fil!

We were thrilled when long time friend, Sabrina, asked us to be the ones to capture her wedding day. Sabrina and Fil were married at one of our favorite venues, The Ancaster Mill in Ancaster, Ontario on a snowy Dec 30, 2016. This marks the very last wedding of 2016!! Check out the sneak peek below.

SF2 SF3 SF4 SF5 SF6 SF7 SF8 SF9 SF10 SF11 SF12 SF13 SF14 SF15 SF16 SF17 SF18 SF19 SF20 SF21 SF22 SF23 SF24 SF25 SF26 SF27 SF28 SF29 SF30 SF31 SF32 SF33 SF34 SF35 SF36 SF37 SF38

Melissa & Chris, Featuring William!

Melissa and Chris – and their adorable little boy William – were married this Oct 22, 2016 at The Royal Ambassador. It was a chilly day out, but that didn’t stop everyone from getting out there and enjoying an absolutely glorious ceremony and a wedding party, who clearly brought the “party”… the dancing was outta sight and the food was to die for, as usual, at this venue. The day had everything you’d want, including a trash-the-dress with Chris taking a pair of scissors to Melissa’s dress in the washroom – totally the most hilarious we’ve ever walked in on! Check out some of our faves.














































Corina & Derek – Autumn Wedding at King’s Riding Golf

Corina & Derek were married in the height of this past Autumn, rich with trees, and golden colours. The day started at their home – where quite frankly, we wanted to stop shooting and dive into Derek’s sick boardgame collection! After an intimate tea ceremony, we headed toSt. Benedict’s Church for a wonderful exchange of vows. From there we took our Bride and Groom and explored all the corners we could find at King’s Riding lovely golf course. The weather and colours were just perfect. check out a few of our favourite images below

corinaderek corinaderek2 corinaderek3 corinaderek4 corinaderek5 corinaderek6 corinaderek7 corinaderek8 corinaderek9 corinaderek10 corinaderek11 corinaderek12 corinaderek13 corinaderek14 corinaderek15 corinaderek16 corinaderek17 corinaderek18 corinaderek19 corinaderek20 corinaderek21 corinaderek22 corinaderek23 corinaderek24 corinaderek25 corinaderek26
corinaderek28 corinaderek29 corinaderek30 corinaderek31 corinaderek32 corinaderek33 corinaderek34 corinaderek35 corinaderek36 corinaderek37 corinaderek38corinaderek27

Stacey & Daniel – Last Wedding of the Season; Out with a Bang!

After a long and fruitful, action-packed 2016 wedding season, we had the absolute pleasure of closing off the year with two very special people – Stacey & Daniel. These guys are a treat and such a pleasure to hang out with. The weather was perfect; the leaves had kept their golden colours; and their families were such wonderful people. We got to run around with all the little ones and as a bonus, one of the bridesmaids was a charming bride we had photographed a few years back. The day started at The Venetian, where everyone was getting ready. We set up a First Look for our bride and groom – a charming moment if ever there was one! Then off we went to Kortright Centre for photos, then back to Venetian for family, wedding party and ceremony….and tons of dancing! Enjoy this Sneak Peek.

stacy-daniel stacy-daniel2 stacy-daniel3 stacy-daniel4 stacy-daniel5 stacy-daniel6 stacy-daniel7 stacy-daniel8 stacy-daniel9 stacy-daniel10 stacy-daniel11 stacy-daniel12 stacy-daniel13 stacy-daniel14 stacy-daniel15 stacy-daniel16 stacy-daniel17 stacy-daniel18 stacy-daniel19 stacy-daniel20 stacy-daniel21 stacy-daniel22 stacy-daniel23 stacy-daniel24 stacy-daniel25 stacy-daniel26 stacy-daniel27 stacy-daniel28 stacy-daniel29 stacy-daniel30 stacy-daniel31 stacy-daniel32 stacy-daniel33 stacy-daniel34 stacy-daniel35 stacy-daniel36 stacy-daniel37 stacy-daniel38

Felicia & Eddy – Downtown Toronto

Felicia and Eddy were married in the midst of a gorgeous Toronto fall day, full of colour and happiness. We met up with Felicia at The Thompson Toronto Hotel for some last minute touch ups and to put on that beautiful wedding dress. We did some portraits and then headed to the glorious St. Mary’s Church in Portugal Square; what a stunning place to exchange your vows!

Afterwards, we headed down to Underpass Park with the wedding Party in the midst of the urban graffiti and skatepark skaters! Later, we took Felicia and Eddy to the totally brand-new Corktown Commons for a nice change of atmosphere. The place is a haven of trees and walkways which ate up the gorgeous sunshine in all their autumn colours. Afterwards, we made our way to Renaissance by The Creek for reception – this place does NOT disappoint when it comes to food, let us tell ya! The party raged on with dancing and music in a Great Gatsby themed decor. Take a look and enjoy!feliciaeddy feliciaeddy2 feliciaeddy3 feliciaeddy4 feliciaeddy5 feliciaeddy6 feliciaeddy7 feliciaeddy8 feliciaeddy9 feliciaeddy10 feliciaeddy11 feliciaeddy12 feliciaeddy13 feliciaeddy14 feliciaeddy15 feliciaeddy16 feliciaeddy17 feliciaeddy18 feliciaeddy19 feliciaeddy20 feliciaeddy21 feliciaeddy22 feliciaeddy23 feliciaeddy24 feliciaeddy25 feliciaeddy26 feliciaeddy27 feliciaeddy28 feliciaeddy29 feliciaeddy30 feliciaeddy31 feliciaeddy32 feliciaeddy33 feliciaeddy34


Congratulations Ana & Jim!

We were thrilled when Ana & Jim asked us to be the ones to capture their wedding day photos. We knew from the moment we met 1.5 years ago, that these two were fabulous people. Ana & Jim met over 3 years ago on a blind date and on Oct 8, 2016 they officially tied the knot :) Our day began with Ana getting ready before heading to The Doctor’s House in Kleinburg for the ceremony and photos. The party continued at Mississauga Convention Centre – check out the last shot in the sneak peek – they had a MILLION BUBBLES! These were the COOLEST bubble guns we have ever seen!!!

Ana & Jim anajim2 anajim3 anajim4 anajim5 anajim6 anajim7 anajim8 anajim9 anajim10 anajim11 anajim12 anajim13 anajim14 anajim15 anajim16 anajim17 anajim18 anajim19 anajim20 anajim21 anajim22 anajim23 anajim24 anajim25 anajim27 anajim28 anajim29 anajim30 anajim31 anajim32 anajim33 anajim34 anajim35 anajim36 anajim37 anajim38

Photo: Little Blue Lemon
Ceremony: The Doctor’s House
Venue: Mississauga Convention Centre
Photo Location: Kleinburg