Felicia & Eddy – Downtown Toronto

Felicia and Eddy were married in the midst of a gorgeous Toronto fall day, full of colour and happiness. We met up with Felicia at The Thompson Toronto Hotel for some last minute touch ups and to put on that beautiful wedding dress. We did some portraits and then headed to the glorious St. Mary’s Church in Portugal Square; what a stunning place to exchange your vows!

Afterwards, we headed down to Underpass Park with the wedding Party in the midst of the urban graffiti and skatepark skaters! Later, we took Felicia and Eddy to the totally brand-new Corktown Commons for a nice change of atmosphere. The place is a haven of trees and walkways which ate up the gorgeous sunshine in all their autumn colours. Afterwards, we made our way to Renaissance by The Creek for reception – this place does NOT disappoint when it comes to food, let us tell ya! The party raged on with dancing and music in a Great Gatsby themed decor. Take a look and enjoy!feliciaeddy feliciaeddy2 feliciaeddy3 feliciaeddy4 feliciaeddy5 feliciaeddy6 feliciaeddy7 feliciaeddy8 feliciaeddy9 feliciaeddy10 feliciaeddy11 feliciaeddy12 feliciaeddy13 feliciaeddy14 feliciaeddy15 feliciaeddy16 feliciaeddy17 feliciaeddy18 feliciaeddy19 feliciaeddy20 feliciaeddy21 feliciaeddy22 feliciaeddy23 feliciaeddy24 feliciaeddy25 feliciaeddy26 feliciaeddy27 feliciaeddy28 feliciaeddy29 feliciaeddy30 feliciaeddy31 feliciaeddy32 feliciaeddy33 feliciaeddy34