A beautiful Royal Niagara Golf Course Wedding

Congratulations Sarah and Thomas who were married on July 22, 2017. Little Blue Lemon has the pleasure of having 6 very talented photographers on staff and we were thrilled that Sarah & Lisa shot these two love birds. Sarah and Thomas were married at the stunning Royal Niagara Golf Club on warm summer day. The photos show the joy and happiness shared between the bride and groom. It was a bit of an overcast day which really allowed for stunningly even light and a full exploration of the greens the golf course had to offer. Check out the sneak peek below.

TorontoWeddingPhotography of jewelled garter


TorontoWeddingPhotography of bride and mom smiling

TorontoWeddingPhotograph of bride before the ceremony happy and getting ready

Toronto Wedding Photograph of dad seeing bride for the first time

TorontoWeddingPhotograph of the bride in her dress
























Photo: Little Blue Lemon (photographers: Sarah & Lisa)
Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal
Groom’s suit: Custom Suits from Moores
Décor/Linens: Decor we bought ourselves and the linens were from the venue
Florist: Nick
Hair & Make-up done: Bliss Hair Salon
Invitations/Stationery: Vistaprint
Wedding Cake: Alicia Morningstar
Entertainment: Bagpipes and a DJ :)
Shoes: The Bay- Nina


Emily and Jamie – Kensington Market Engagement Shoot

If you like “eclectic,” “colourful,” and “totally doesn’t require a photo permit” you should consider a photoshoot in Kensington Market, here in the heart of Toronto. This location was extra special for Emily and Jamie because this is where they met, many moons ago. The vibe in the air got us very giddy and we ducked into alleyways and made use of the street vendors and graffiti for an exceptional afternoon of shooting their engagement shoot.

We’re super excited for this wedding, partly because we photographed Emily’s sister’s wedding a few years back, and it’ll be a blast seeing everyone again!

kensington engagement

kensington engagement


Lego, Laughter and Love Everafter!

We were overjoyed when we were hired to shoot Serena and Curtis’ wedding Feb 13, 2016. Not only did we get to spend the day with Serena & Curtis we also got to see two of our past brides, Eva and Kim, in the wedding party :) Keep in mind, Feb 13th happened to be the COLDEST day of the year – but, nothing phased these two. We explored every corner of the Doctor’s House and even braved the cold for a few outdoor snowy pics! Check out this lovely couple and their AWESOME wedding!!!

SerenaCurtis SerenaCurtis2 SerenaCurtis3 SerenaCurtis4 SerenaCurtis5 SerenaCurtis6 SerenaCurtis7 SerenaCurtis8 SerenaCurtis9 SerenaCurtis10 SerenaCurtis11 SerenaCurtis12 SerenaCurtis13 SerenaCurtis14 SerenaCurtis15 SerenaCurtis16 SerenaCurtis17 SerenaCurtis18 SerenaCurtis19 SerenaCurtis20 SerenaCurtis21 SerenaCurtis22 SerenaCurtis23 SerenaCurtis24 SerenaCurtis25 SerenaCurtis26 SerenaCurtis27 SerenaCurtis28 SerenaCurtis29 SerenaCurtis30 SerenaCurtis31 SerenaCurtis32 SerenaCurtis33 SerenaCurtis34 SerenaCurtis35 SerenaCurtis36 SerenaCurtis37 SerenaCurtis38 SerenaCurtis39 SerenaCurtis40 SerenaCurtis41 SerenaCurtis42 SerenaCurtis43 SerenaCurtis44 SerenaCurtis45 SerenaCurtis46 SerenaCurtis47 SerenaCurtis48 SerenaCurtis49 SerenaCurtis50 SerenaCurtis51 SerenaCurtis52 SerenaCurtis53 SerenaCurtis54 SerenaCurtis55 SerenaCurtis56 SerenaCurtis57 SerenaCurtis58 SerenaCurtis59

Photo & Cinema: Little Blue Lemon
Venue: The Doctor’s House
Wedding Day Of Coordinator: Rebecca Chan
Wedding dress: Sash and Bustle
Wedding dress designer: Blush by Hailey Paige
Groom’s suit: Moores
Jewelry/Rings: Wendt’s Jewelry – Bride, Groom – Blue Nile
Décor/Linens: Have a Seat Decor
Florist: Flower597
Hair & Make-up: Blush Pretty
Invitations/Stationery: Designed by the Bride
Wedding Cake: Ginger Dessert’s
Entertainment: Lion Dance & Bridesmaid singing the first dance.

Trisha & James – Belcroft Estates BarnTastic Wedding!

“What an awesome time!” doesn’t do this wedding justice. We’d fallen in love with Trisha and James ever since they stepped foot in our studio. It’s been a wonderful adventure over the past year with them, and yeah, we’re totally sad it’s all done…BUT…we can relive that wonderful wonderful day through photos.

Truth be told, by the end of the night we had packed up our gear and then set it aside…and proceeded to tear up the dance floor with them and all their friends. Yup, there’s several whacked-out iphone pix running around Facebook ;) Truly a beautiful day spent with new found friends. It was hard to say goodnight.

Enjoy the stunning images of these wonderful people, how lucky are they to have found each other.

TrishaJames TrishaJames2 TrishaJames3 TrishaJames4 TrishaJames5 TrishaJames6 TrishaJames7 TrishaJames8 TrishaJames9 TrishaJames10 TrishaJames11 TrishaJames12 TrishaJames13 TrishaJames14 TrishaJames15 TrishaJames16 TrishaJames17 TrishaJames18 TrishaJames19 TrishaJames20 TrishaJames21 TrishaJames22 TrishaJames23 TrishaJames24 TrishaJames25 TrishaJames26 TrishaJames27 TrishaJames28 TrishaJames29 TrishaJames30 TrishaJames31 TrishaJames32 TrishaJames33 TrishaJames34 TrishaJames35 TrishaJames36 TrishaJames37 TrishaJames38 TrishaJames39 TrishaJames40 TrishaJames41 TrishaJames42 TrishaJames43 TrishaJames44 TrishaJames45 TrishaJames46 TrishaJames47 TrishaJames48 TrishaJames49 TrishaJames50 TrishaJames51 TrishaJames52 TrishaJames53 TrishaJames54 TrishaJames55

Photo: Little Blue Lemon
Cinema: Little Blue Lemon
Venue: Belcroft Estates
Wedding Dress: Ferré Sposa
Wedding dress designer: Kenneth Winston
Style of your wedding dress: Style 1573
Shoes: BCBG
Groom’s: Freeman Formals – Michael Kors 1248
Jewelry/Rings: Custom Made – Radiant Fine Jewellers
Décor/Linens: Kerr Events & Design
Florist: NA – Yours Truly!
Hair & Make-up done: SarahBeth Makeup Artistry (Sarah Yoteff) and Alyssa DiCamillo for Hair
Invitations/Stationery: Minted.com
Wedding Cake: cupcake (iwannacupcake.com)
Entertainment: Keep Them Dancing

Congratulations Irina & Spyro

We knew from Irina & Spyro’s engagement shoot, that their wedding was going to be a fabulous event! They were married on Sept 20, 2015 at St. Nicholas Church in Toronto. When we arrived at Irina’s, we were thrilled as her hair and makeup was finished and she was ready to get into her dress. When that happens, we know we are going to have the perfect amount of time to capture incredible portraits  :) We then headed to the church for a gorgeous ceremony followed by romantics in Kleinburg. We ended the night with a stellar party at the Venetian. Thank you Irina & Spyro for letting us be the ones to capture this beautiful day in your lives.

Irina & Spyro IrinaSpyro2 IrinaSpyro3 IrinaSpyro4 IrinaSpyro5 IrinaSpyro6 IrinaSpyro7 IrinaSpyro8 IrinaSpyro9 IrinaSpyro10 IrinaSpyro11 IrinaSpyro12 IrinaSpyro13 IrinaSpyro15 IrinaSpyro16 IrinaSpyro17 IrinaSpyro18 IrinaSpyro19 IrinaSpyro20 IrinaSpyro21 IrinaSpyro22 IrinaSpyro23 IrinaSpyro24 IrinaSpyro25 IrinaSpyro26 IrinaSpyro27 IrinaSpyro28 IrinaSpyro29 IrinaSpyro30 IrinaSpyro31 IrinaSpyro32 IrinaSpyro33 IrinaSpyro34 IrinaSpyro35 IrinaSpyro36 IrinaSpyro37 IrinaSpyro38 IrinaSpyro39 IrinaSpyro40 IrinaSpyro41 IrinaSpyro42 IrinaSpyro43 IrinaSpyro44

Photo: Little Blue Lemon
Cinema: Little Blue LemonVenue: The Venetian
Church: St. Nicholas
Make up: Colette at www.facemaker.ca

Renee & Joe are Married!

What a spectacular wedding Renee & Joe had at the Doctor’s House on Sept 19, 2015. Despite a bit of rain, the day was non stop fun and truly a photographer’s dream. We even had a Ferrari to play with – like WOW! We just can’t get enough of these two photogenic love birds! Check out the sneak peek :)

Renee & Joe ReneeJoe2 ReneeJoe3 ReneeJoe4 ReneeJoe5 ReneeJoe6 ReneeJoe7 ReneeJoe8 ReneeJoe9 ReneeJoe10 ReneeJoe11 ReneeJoe12 ReneeJoe13 ReneeJoe14 ReneeJoe15 ReneeJoe16 ReneeJoe17 ReneeJoe18 ReneeJoe19 ReneeJoe20 ReneeJoe21 ReneeJoe22 ReneeJoe23 ReneeJoe24 ReneeJoe25 ReneeJoe26 ReneeJoe27 ReneeJoe28 ReneeJoe29 ReneeJoe30 ReneeJoe31 ReneeJoe32 ReneeJoe33 ReneeJoe34 ReneeJoe35 ReneeJoe36 ReneeJoe37 ReneeJoe38 ReneeJoe39 ReneeJoe40 ReneeJoe41 ReneeJoe42 ReneeJoe43 ReneeJoe44 ReneeJoe45 ReneeJoe46 ReneeJoe47 ReneeJoe48 ReneeJoe49 ReneeJoe50 ReneeJoe51 ReneeJoe52 ReneeJoe53 ReneeJoe54 ReneeJoe55 ReneeJoe56 ReneeJoe57

Photography: Little Blue Lemon
Cinematography: Little Blue Lemon
Venue: Doctor’s House
Wedding Dress: Belo Fashions
Designer:Kenneth Winston
Shoes: Barney’s New York- Christian Louboutin
Groom’s:rental- Tuxedo Royal
Rings: Edward and Davies
Décor/Linens: Have a Seat
Florist: Bridal Blossoms
Make-up done: Fancy Face
Invitations/Stationery: Elements Invitations
Wedding Cake: Irresistible Cakes
Entertainment: Platinum Entertainment

Tina & Shayan are married!

Congratulations to Tina and Shayan on such a fabulous wedding! We enjoyed every moment we spent with these two. We had the pleasure of shooting both photo and cinema and the results are stunning. Tina and Shayan were married on May 31, 2015. Everything took place between the hotel and Ajax Convention Centre. The weather held out for the most part but let’s be honest, we have had a TON of rain this spring. Nothing stopped this wonderful couple and bridal party though! What an incredible day.
Check out the sneak peek below.

TinaShayan TinaShayan2 TinaShayan3 TinaShayan4 TinaShayan6 TinaShayan7 TinaShayan8 TinaShayan9 TinaShayan10 TinaShayan11 TinaShayan12 TinaShayan13 TinaShayan14 TinaShayan15 TinaShayan16 TinaShayan17 TinaShayan18 TinaShayan19 TinaShayan20 TinaShayan21 TinaShayan22 TinaShayan23 TinaShayan24 TinaShayan25 TinaShayan26 TinaShayan27 TinaShayan28 TinaShayan29 TinaShayan30 TinaShayan31 TinaShayan32 TinaShayan33 TinaShayan34 TinaShayan35 TinaShayan36
Venue: Ajax Convention Centre
Photo & Cinema: Little Blue Lemon
Wedding dress: David’s Bridal
Style of your wedding dress: Strapless Taffeta high low ruffle skirt gown
Jewelry/Rings: Diamonds company
Décor/Linens: Annie Lane Events & Decor
Florist: The Rose Garden Place
Hair & Make-up done: Hari & Spa in Motion
Wedding Cake: Mitchel’s Cakes
Entertainment: DJ Payam
Shoes: Aldo/Nine West

Thanks for the amazing review Tina and Shayan!

TinaShayan Review

How To Rain-Proof Your Wedding…

Lia and Adam joke about an old Irish tradition where you bury a bottle of whiskey at your ceremony location in order to ensure it won’t rain. When they told us about this, we thought it was an awesome idea (read: “You guys TOTALLY need to do this!!!”). A few weeks passed and we get a image texted to us, late one night…it’s Lia and Adam, dressed in black, in the pitch darkness of night, at the their venue, with a shovel and a bottle of Jameson’s! Lol.

So on the day of, we brought Tony’s grandfather’s shovels (because, well, their awesome and full of good vibes) and we got our bride and groom to dig in the spot…and low and behold…the bottle was still there…a few swigs and success.

And it didn’t rain.

Jamesons Whiskey bride and groom

Jamesons Whiskey bride and groom

Stephanie & Miguel – Wedding Album

Stephanie & Miguel were married at that Big Famous Portuguese Church downtown.Reception was at Atlantis and the photos were at Evergreen Brickworks. They day was spectacular. Perfect weather and a gorgeous sunset on the rooftop/helicopter pad. We had such a fun time; it was great to see alot of the crew back – we first shot Stephanie when she was a bridesmaid at Dominka & Slawek’s wedding. (Steph is also super cool because her last name is also Lombardo, like us…so, ya know…gots to stick togethah!) Check out the album we did in the link below and visit their gallery to see all their images.

stephmiguel blog