Beach Engagement Shoot with Alexie and Tom

Finally, after one cancelled shoot due to a massive ice storm, we finally found a day to get with Alexie and Tom and do an engagement shoot at Cherry Beach. The weather was awesome and if these two aren’t the cutest things ever, then I don’t know what is!

On a technical, photographic note – we don’t force post production styles…we usually enjoy punchy and contrasty images, but once Alexie showed up in this super cute dress, matching 50s shoes and wicked rimmed, white glasses, it sort of dictated the direction of the shoot, with a more old -fashioned, “muddy style” of retro post-production, complete with “washed out” blacks and toned-down whites – never the less, super pumped about the results.

Check out some of faves. Looking forward to this wedding (and the food!)

0008-AlexieTom_ENG 0072-AlexieTom_ENG 0107-AlexieTom_ENG 0134-AlexieTom_ENG 0151-AlexieTom_ENG


Can’t help but look at this candid and think…

awwwwwwe! So cute. It’s candid images like these that we live for. Truths shown that will live for generations. We can’t help but think that when this boy gets married in many years from now, this is one of those rare images that will be put in his slideshow that everyone will cherish. Shot at Anita & David’s wedding on June 6, 2014 at Archeo in the Distillery. Although these were full blown crocodile tears, the moment was fleeting and once back with his mom, he was all smiles.