Hockey Hall of Fame Bat Mitzvah!

Where do we start! We were sooooooo absolutely excited when we were asked to shoot Marley’s Bat Mitzvah at the Hockey Hall of Fame. But we got even more excited when we were told that they were looking for non-traditional creative locations for family and hockey shots before the big party. Underpass park was naturally our suggestion for something hip, different and uber cool – full of cool graffiti art and interesting playground areas.  Thank you Dana for calling us and making that big decision to choose us to capture this super special moment in Marley’s life! Mazel Tov!!!

HockeyHallofFame HockeyHallofFame2 HockeyHallofFame3 HockeyHallofFame4 HockeyHallofFame5 HockeyHallofFame6 HockeyHallofFame7 HockeyHallofFame8 HockeyHallofFame9 HockeyHallofFame10 HockeyHallofFame11 HockeyHallofFame12 HockeyHallofFame13 HockeyHallofFame14 HockeyHallofFame15 HockeyHallofFame16 HockeyHallofFame17 HockeyHallofFame18 HockeyHallofFame19 HockeyHallofFame20 HockeyHallofFame21 HockeyHallofFame22 HockeyHallofFame23 HockeyHallofFame24 HockeyHallofFame25 HockeyHallofFame26 HockeyHallofFame27 HockeyHallofFame28 HockeyHallofFame29 HockeyHallofFame30 HockeyHallofFame31 HockeyHallofFame32 HockeyHallofFame33 HockeyHallofFame34 HockeyHallofFame35 HockeyHallofFame36 HockeyHallofFame37 HockeyHallofFame38 HockeyHallofFame39 HockeyHallofFame40 HockeyHallofFame41 HockeyHallofFame42 HockeyHallofFame43 HockeyHallofFame44 HockeyHallofFame45 HockeyHallofFame46 HockeyHallofFame47 HockeyHallofFame48 HockeyHallofFame49



Melanie & Scott Eglinton Grand Wedding

Melanie & Scott were married on Oct 13, 2017 at the fabulous Toronto venue, The Eglinton Grand. I used to attend movies here way back, when it was a fabulously cool movie theatre. I remember eating popcorn and sitting in the first row with my Dad, enjoying every moment of the retro theatre. Now a stunning wedding venue, we loved how Melanie & Scott tied in superheroes and movies into their fabulous wedding. Check out the sneak peek below.








































Photo: Little Blue Lemon (photographers: Sarah and Lisa)
Venue: Eglinton Grand
Hotel: Roehampton
Wedding Dress Store: Opportunity Bridal,
Wedding Dress Style: Trumpet
Bridesmaids Dresses: Gilani
Groom’s Suit: Moore’s
Groomsmen Suits: Moore’s
Jewelry/Rings: Spence Diamonds
Décor/Linens: Eglinton Grand
Florist: Sue Inouye-Ali (Acorn Flower Shoppe)
Hair & Make-up: Cassandra Campbell Beauty
Invitations/Stationery: We did them ourselves, some with help from Zazzle
Entertainment: Bryan Taylor, DJ – Sole Power Productions
Officiant: Ron Shantz, Enduring Promises

A Stunning Ancaster Mill Wedding

Congratulations Liz and John who were married on Aug 12, 2017 at the Ancaster Mill near Hamilton. It was the first time we shot at the Barracks Inn just up the street from the Mill and WOW what a fabulous little hotel. It had everything we needed plus an AMAZING bridal suite! As photographers, we are always looking for interesting light and textures – and this hotel had it all, with beautiful exposed stone, green space, big windows and a huge covered balcony. We photographed both the bride and groom getting ready at the hotel before heading to the Mill for the ceremony. The bride had a fabulous Vera Wang wedding dress and amazing flats from Marshall’s :) We have mentioned many times that The Ancaster Mill is one of our fave venues - they take such amazing care of their grounds and the food is divine. We used every inch of the bridge and waterfall before heading inside for one amazing party. Check out the fabulous cake by Sweet Philosophy. It didn’t hurt that there were quite a few Star Wars references for us fellow nerds :)
Millenium Falcon Cufflinks for wedding

Groom getting ready with blue polka dot bow tie

groom and mother laughing morning preparations

white green boutonnière blue and white bow tie

groom dressed and ready for ceremony

groom and groomsmen smiling group photo

groom giving the darth vader choke hold to groomsmen

smiling groomsmen grey and blue suits

groom with parents smiling family portrait

bride blue and silver rhinestone flat bridal shoes

green and white flower bridal bouquet

bride pearl and blue bracelets

bride with wedding dress

bride looking at bridesmaids and mom as getting into dress

bride getting dressed before ceremony

reflection of bride in the mirror

romantic portraits of bride

portraits of the bride

fun pictures of bridesmaids in bathtub laughing

bride with bridesmaids laughing fun

dad first look of daughter on wedding day

family portrait with bride fun love laugh

emotional dad walking bride down aisle

groom first look of bride walking down aisle in church

ceremony at bright indoor chapel at Ancaster Mill

Rope wrapping ceremony at Ancaster Mill

First Kiss during wedding ceremony Ancaster Mill

happy and smiling bride and groom exiting the church

laughing wedding party with green background

fun wedding party teal dresses grey suits

romantic portraits on bridge Ancaster Mill

laughing bride and groom on Ancaster Mill Bridge

happy bride and groom portraits candids

Candid romantic portraits Bride and Groom

laughing bride and groom in front of ancaster mill waterfall

Blue and white swirl wedding cake with I love you cake topper

excited bride and groom reception entrance Ancaster Mill

Bride and groom first dance Ancaster Mill

Bride and Groom First Dance Ancaster Mill

Star Wars Reference a New Hope with Bride and Groom kissing

Photo & Cinema: Little Blue Lemon
Venue: Ancaster Mill
Wedding Planner: Brigitte Krause
Wedding Dress Store: David’s Bridal
Wedding Dress Designer: Vera Wang
Wedding Dress Style: Ballgown
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: David’s Bridal
Groom’s Suit: Maxwell’s Clothiers
Groomsmen’s Suits: Moore’s Clothing for Men
Rings: Spence Diamonds
Florist: Toronto Florist Shop
Hair: Ania Wazny
Makeup: Ashley Thompson
Invitations/Stationary: Paper Decorum
Wedding Cake: Sweet Philosophy
Bride’s Shoes: LOL they’re from Marshalls

A beautiful Royal Niagara Golf Course Wedding

Congratulations Sarah and Thomas who were married on July 22, 2017. Little Blue Lemon has the pleasure of having 6 very talented photographers on staff and we were thrilled that Sarah & Lisa shot these two love birds. Sarah and Thomas were married at the stunning Royal Niagara Golf Club on warm summer day. The photos show the joy and happiness shared between the bride and groom. It was a bit of an overcast day which really allowed for stunningly even light and a full exploration of the greens the golf course had to offer. Check out the sneak peek below.

TorontoWeddingPhotography of jewelled garter


TorontoWeddingPhotography of bride and mom smiling

TorontoWeddingPhotograph of bride before the ceremony happy and getting ready

Toronto Wedding Photograph of dad seeing bride for the first time

TorontoWeddingPhotograph of the bride in her dress
























Photo: Little Blue Lemon (photographers: Sarah & Lisa)
Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal
Groom’s suit: Custom Suits from Moores
Décor/Linens: Decor we bought ourselves and the linens were from the venue
Florist: Nick
Hair & Make-up done: Bliss Hair Salon
Invitations/Stationery: Vistaprint
Wedding Cake: Alicia Morningstar
Entertainment: Bagpipes and a DJ :)
Shoes: The Bay- Nina

Congratulations Jadyn!

We had the pleasure of shooting Jadyn’s Bat Mitzvah on June 18, 2016. Let’s just say, this was one stellar P-A-R-T-Y! Jadyn’s family are so easy to shoot and Jadyn and her siblings are amazing! Willing to do anything we asked, totally eager, and so enthusiastic about photos :) We couldn’t ask for better. We are so incredibly thrilled with the results - be sure to check out that cake smash and the Hula Hooper – wickedly awesome light painting!!!

Congratulations Jadyn!

Jadyn's Bat Mitzvah Party Jadyn2 Jadyn3 Jadyn4 Jadyn5 Jadyn6 Jadyn7 Jadyn8 Jadyn9 Jadyn10 Jadyn11 Jadyn12 Jadyn13 Jadyn14 Jadyn15 Jadyn16 Jadyn17 Jadyn18 Jadyn19 Jadyn20 Jadyn21 Jadyn22 Jadyn23 Jadyn24 Jadyn25 Jadyn26 Jadyn27 Jadyn28 Jadyn29 Jadyn30 Jadyn31 Jadyn32 Jadyn33 Jadyn34


Photo: Little Blue Lemon Photography & Cinematography
Venue: The Factory
Entertainment: Soul Power

A Swoon Worthy Affair!

Melissa and Jason were married on March 26, 2016 at the Liberty Grand in the historic CNE grounds in Toronto. This wedding provided the perfect backdrop for some major swoon worthy photo inspiration. From an Annasul Y Wedding dress to Manolo Blahnik shoes, we couldn’t have started the day out better ;) The Sheraton Hotel in Downtown Toronto provided the perfect spring setting for getting ready photos. We were thrilled when we found access to the waterfall and saw that the hotel windows had just been cleaned giving us a clear line of site :) We LOVED the reaveal in Nathan Philip Square. We then headed to Liberty Grand and the Princess Gates to capture incredible photos of these stunning folks! Check out the incredible flower arrangements in oversized candelabra’s as centerpieces for each table, combined with candle light and purplely blue up-lighting – this wedding was an epic affair.

Melissa & Jason SneakPeek MelissaJasonSneakPeek2 MelissaJasonSneakPeek3 MelissaJasonSneakPeek4 MelissaJasonSneakPeek5 MelissaJasonSneakPeek6 MelissaJasonSneakPeek7 MelissaJasonSneakPeek8 MelissaJasonSneakPeek9 MelissaJasonSneakPeek10 MelissaJasonSneakPeek11 MelissaJasonSneakPeek12 MelissaJasonSneakPeek13 MelissaJasonSneakPeek14 MelissaJasonSneakPeek15 MelissaJasonSneakPeek16 MelissaJasonSneakPeek17 MelissaJasonSneakPeek18 MelissaJasonSneakPeek19 MelissaJasonSneakPeek20 MelissaJasonSneakPeek21 MelissaJasonSneakPeek22 MelissaJasonSneakPeek23 MelissaJasonSneakPeek24 MelissaJasonSneakPeek25 MelissaJasonSneakPeek26 MelissaJasonSneakPeek27 MelissaJasonSneakPeek28 MelissaJasonSneakPeek29 MelissaJasonSneakPeek30 MelissaJasonSneakPeek31 MelissaJasonSneakPeek32 MelissaJasonSneakPeek33 MelissaJasonSneakPeek34 MelissaJasonSneakPeek35 MelissaJasonSneakPeek36 MelissaJasonSneakPeek37 MelissaJasonSneakPeek38 MelissaJasonSneakPeek39 MelissaJasonSneakPeek40 MelissaJasonSneakPeek41 MelissaJasonSneakPeek42 MelissaJasonSneakPeek43 MelissaJasonSneakPeek44 MelissaJasonSneakPeek45 MelissaJasonSneakPeek46 MelissaJasonSneakPeek47 MelissaJasonSneakPeek48

Photo & Cinema: Little Blue Lemon
Venue: Liberty Grand
Wedding Planner: Malvina Chevolleau of Fabulous Occasions
Wedding dress: Becker’s Bridal
Wedding dress designer: Snow by Annasul Y
Style of your wedding dress: Trumpet
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik at Holt Renfrew
Groom’s suit: King & Bay Custom Clothing (Groomsmen as well)
Jewelry/Rings: Jae Byun Jewellery Solution
Décor/Linens:  Susan Murray International
Florist: Express Flower Wholesale
Hair & Make-up done: Hair and Make-up by Janet Ford and Riva Chu
Invitations/Stationery: Joel Yum and Lisa Bang
Wedding Cake: Dolled Up Cupcakes
Entertainment: DJ Lyon



Can’t help but look at this candid and think…

awwwwwwe! So cute. It’s candid images like these that we live for. Truths shown that will live for generations. We can’t help but think that when this boy gets married in many years from now, this is one of those rare images that will be put in his slideshow that everyone will cherish. Shot at Anita & David’s wedding on June 6, 2014 at Archeo in the Distillery. Although these were full blown crocodile tears, the moment was fleeting and once back with his mom, he was all smiles.