Julie & Jason and St. Lawrence Market!

Julie and Jason were married at St. Lawrence Market Kitchen…admittedly, a place we never knew existed! and wow, what a great, cozy,  comfy place to have a wedding. If cocktails, food stations and lots of mingling is your vibe, this is the place!

Julie got ready at The King Eddie Hotel and looked STUNNING. We had an awesome time with them and their bridal party, and their parents who kept sliding us these great signature drinks from the bar that were sooo good. Bless these fine, fine people…and the killer taco station! Enjoy this sneak peek to their wedding!JuleJason JuleJason2 JuleJason3 JuleJason4 JuleJason5 JuleJason6 JuleJason7 JuleJason8 JuleJason9 JuleJason10 JuleJason11 JuleJason12 JuleJason13 JuleJason14 JuleJason15 JuleJason16 JuleJason17 JuleJason18 JuleJason19 JuleJason20 JuleJason21 JuleJason22 JuleJason23 JuleJason24 JuleJason25 JuleJason26 JuleJason27 JuleJason28 JuleJason29


Amy & Jesse’s Niagara Wedding

WOW! That’s what comes to mind when we think of Amy and Jesse’s Niagara wedding on August 22, 2015. After capturing both the guys and girls getting ready, we all headed out to Cave Springs Vineyard for the ceremony. An outdoor ceremony spot in the middle of an actual vineyard – what a spectacular location to get married. After the ceremony, we took advantage of the vineyard for photos and then traveled to Inn on the Twenty for more photos and a fabulous reception with stellar food! We had the pleasure of shooting Amy & Jesse’s engagement and wedding photos – Let’s just say, this was one easy day at the office as these two are UBER photogenic :) Check out the sneak peek.

Amy & Jesse Wedding AmyJesseSneak2 AmyJesseSneak3 AmyJesseSneak4 AmyJesseSneak5 AmyJesseSneak6 AmyJesseSneak7 AmyJesseSneak8 AmyJesseSneak9 AmyJesseSneak10 AmyJesseSneak11 AmyJesseSneak13 AmyJesseSneak14 AmyJesseSneak15 AmyJesseSneak16 AmyJesseSneak17 AmyJesseSneak18 AmyJesseSneak19 AmyJesseSneak20 AmyJesseSneak21 AmyJesseSneak22 AmyJesseSneak23 AmyJesseSneak24 AmyJesseSneak25 AmyJesseSneak26 AmyJesseSneak27 AmyJesseSneak28 AmyJesseSneak29 AmyJesseSneak30 AmyJesseSneak31 AmyJesseSneak32 AmyJesseSneak33 AmyJesseSneak34 AmyJesseSneak35 AmyJesseSneak36 AmyJesseSneak37 AmyJesseSneak38 AmyJesseSneak39 AmyJesseSneak40 AmyJesseSneak41 AmyJesseSneak42 AmyJesseSneak43 AmyJesseSneak44

Photo: Little Blue Lemon
Cinema: Little Blue Lemon
Venue: Inn on the Twenty
Ceremony: Cave Springs Vineyard
Wedding Planner: KJ & Co.
Officiant: Enduring Promises
Florist: Pocket of Posies
Makeup: Makeup Worx
Hair: Fortelli Salon and Spa
Cake: Sweet Celebrations