Congratulations Jadyn!

We had the pleasure of shooting Jadyn’s Bat Mitzvah on June 18, 2016. Let’s just say, this was one stellar P-A-R-T-Y! Jadyn’s family are so easy to shoot and Jadyn and her siblings are amazing! Willing to do anything we asked, totally eager, and so enthusiastic about photos :) We couldn’t ask for better. We are so incredibly thrilled with the results¬†- be sure to¬†check out that cake smash and the Hula Hooper – wickedly awesome light painting!!!

Congratulations Jadyn!

Jadyn's Bat Mitzvah Party Jadyn2 Jadyn3 Jadyn4 Jadyn5 Jadyn6 Jadyn7 Jadyn8 Jadyn9 Jadyn10 Jadyn11 Jadyn12 Jadyn13 Jadyn14 Jadyn15 Jadyn16 Jadyn17 Jadyn18 Jadyn19 Jadyn20 Jadyn21 Jadyn22 Jadyn23 Jadyn24 Jadyn25 Jadyn26 Jadyn27 Jadyn28 Jadyn29 Jadyn30 Jadyn31 Jadyn32 Jadyn33 Jadyn34


Photo: Little Blue Lemon Photography & Cinematography
Venue: The Factory
Entertainment: Soul Power


Christina & Matthew – Incredible People, Incredible Wedding!

We had the pleasure of shooting both Christina & Matthew’s engagement shoot as well as their wedding. We knew right away when shooting their engagement shoot in a bowling alley that these two were our type of people… and boy were we right! Awesome from the start, we were loved every minute of shooting their wedding. Everything took place at Hockley Valley on Sept 27, 2014.
Christina & Matthew SneakPeek2 SneakPeek3 SneakPeek4 SneakPeek5 SneakPeek6 SneakPeek7 SneakPeek8 SneakPeek9 SneakPeek10 SneakPeek11 SneakPeek12 SneakPeek13 SneakPeek14 SneakPeek15 SneakPeek16 SneakPeek17 SneakPeek18 SneakPeek19 SneakPeek20 SneakPeek21 SneakPeek22 SneakPeek23 SneakPeek24 SneakPeek25 SneakPeek26 SneakPeek27 SneakPeek28 SneakPeek29 SneakPeek30 SneakPeek31 SneakPeek32

Susan & Paolo Are Married

Congratulations to Susan and Paolo! Check out their amazing wedding at Credit Valley Golf Course! It was a fabulous day and we are so happy that they chose us to capture it for them :)


Susan & Paolo Wedding Album from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.