A smokin’ good time at the Grand Olympia

Congratulations Sam and Anthony! What a fabulous wedding full of sunshine, laughs and overall joy. Sarah and Lisa captured a full day starting with the guys getting ready and ending during the dance party. From the moment we saw Sam’s dress, we were in LOVE – check out the back!!! YAAAS!!!! And, come-on – that cake…. LOVE IT!
It is obvious that Sam and Anthony are so in love – the way they interact, giggle and laugh with each other, they are two souls that are totally meant to be together. Enjoy the sneak peek and again, CONGRATS Sam and Anthony!


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Photo: Little Blue Lemon
Venue: Grand Olympia
Wedding Planner: Floraltina design
Wedding Dress Store: Promises and lace @promisesandlace
Wedding Dress Designer: essence by Australia
Bridesmaids Dresses: Davids bridal
Groom’s Suit: Rw and co
Hair & Make-up: Jonna Mckechnie
Cake: Susan Trianos


Nikki & Vince – What Happens If It Rains…Like Crazy?

Nikki and Vince are roughly the fifth couple in this group of family and friends we’ve been privileged to create for over the years. They are all amazing people, but something about Nikki and Vince is special. It’s special in a sense that these two, and their love for one another is almost understated and understood, all at the same time. They really do seem like they were made for each other. If you’d like to see what we mean, check out the first image in the slide show…it has both of them, walking in a torrential downpour, holding umbrellas and laughing. Talk about a metaphor for these two. It’s beautiful and they are in their element…loving each other. Their focus is on one another and not the troubles of the outside world. What a capture! Check out the album here:

Nikki & Vince Wedding (Enhanced) from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.

Get Inspired

Now that 2014′s wedding season is upon us, we thought why not post some of the fabulous dresses and details we photographed in 2013. So much time and effort goes into finding the perfect dress and then complimenting it with the perfect accessories – whether it be a garter, headpiece or even the groom’s cufflinks and pocket square, see some of the awesome choices our 2013 couples made below.

Beautiful Wedding Dresses and Details

Beautiful Wedding Dresses and Details

Jennifer & Brian – Warming Up a Cold January

No matter how you slice it, having your wedding January 25th is dead centre of winter; it will be cold. Well, Not only was it freezing on Jen & Brian’s wedding day, but it snowed too. It was typical Canadian winter. Lucky for us, these two are sooo much fun and such warm appreciative people that hanging out with them on their special day (along with their hilarious wedding party) was a welcome mid-winter change-of-pace. The party was held at Bellagio and we did their photo shoot at A Loft, staying nice and warm…hanging out by the pool LOL. Stay tuned for their album.

winter wedding