Casa Loma Perfection – Congrats Amy & Jon

Amy and Jon are a dream! These two really blew us away :) Below is the Toronto Star article from their engagement shoot – made front page news btw!!! And then there’s Tony’s back – working the angles to get the best shot lol. Their wedding at Casa Loma was a spectacular way to end the wedding season. It was nothing short of romantic perfection. Check out the sneak peek below. AND the awesome cool cinemagraph we did too!


Then came their wedding…
CasaLomaWedding CasaLomaWedding2 CasaLomaWedding3 CasaLomaWedding4 CasaLomaWedding5 CasaLomaWedding6 CasaLomaWedding7 CasaLomaWedding8 CasaLomaWedding9 CasaLomaWedding10 CasaLomaWedding11 CasaLomaWedding12 CasaLomaWedding13 CasaLomaWedding14 CasaLomaWedding15 CasaLomaWedding16 CasaLomaWedding17 CasaLomaWedding18 CasaLomaWedding19 CasaLomaWedding20 CasaLomaWedding21 CasaLomaWedding22 CasaLomaWedding23 CasaLomaWedding24 CasaLomaWedding25 CasaLomaWedding26 CasaLomaWedding27 CasaLomaWedding28 CasaLomaWedding29 CasaLomaWedding30 CasaLomaWedding31 CasaLomaWedding32 CasaLomaWedding33 CasaLomaWedding34 CasaLomaWedding35 CasaLomaWedding36 CasaLomaWedding37 CasaLomaWedding38 CasaLomaWedding39 CasaLomaWedding40 CasaLomaWedding41 CasaLomaWedding42 CasaLomaWedding43 CasaLomaWedding44 CasaLomaWedding45 CasaLomaWedding46 CasaLomaWedding47 CasaLomaWedding48 CasaLomaWedding49

Amy Jon Cinemagraph Casa Loma from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.

Photo & Cinema: Little Blue Lemon
Venue: Casa Loma
Wedding Planner: P.S Events Group
Wedding Dress Store: Kleinfeld Hudson’s Bay
Wedding Dress Designer: Maggie Sottero
Wedding Dress Style: Zulani
Bridesmaids Dresses David’s Bridal
Groom’s Suit: Garrison Bespoke
Groomsmen Suits: Moore’s Clothing for Men
Jewelry/Rings: Cullinan Jewellers
Décor/Linens: Casa Loma
Florist: From the Potting Shed
Make-up: Steph Maggs Beauty Co.
Hair: Studio 23 Hair by Tara
Invitations/Stationery: Polka Dot Paper Shop
Wedding Cake: Bite Me Bakery
Entertainment: Maximum Music and DJ
Bride’s Shoes: Rachel Simpson


Lego, Laughter and Love Everafter!

We were overjoyed when we were hired to shoot Serena and Curtis’ wedding Feb 13, 2016. Not only did we get to spend the day with Serena & Curtis we also got to see two of our past brides, Eva and Kim, in the wedding party :) Keep in mind, Feb 13th happened to be the COLDEST day of the year – but, nothing phased these two. We explored every corner of the Doctor’s House and even braved the cold for a few outdoor snowy pics! Check out this lovely couple and their AWESOME wedding!!!

SerenaCurtis SerenaCurtis2 SerenaCurtis3 SerenaCurtis4 SerenaCurtis5 SerenaCurtis6 SerenaCurtis7 SerenaCurtis8 SerenaCurtis9 SerenaCurtis10 SerenaCurtis11 SerenaCurtis12 SerenaCurtis13 SerenaCurtis14 SerenaCurtis15 SerenaCurtis16 SerenaCurtis17 SerenaCurtis18 SerenaCurtis19 SerenaCurtis20 SerenaCurtis21 SerenaCurtis22 SerenaCurtis23 SerenaCurtis24 SerenaCurtis25 SerenaCurtis26 SerenaCurtis27 SerenaCurtis28 SerenaCurtis29 SerenaCurtis30 SerenaCurtis31 SerenaCurtis32 SerenaCurtis33 SerenaCurtis34 SerenaCurtis35 SerenaCurtis36 SerenaCurtis37 SerenaCurtis38 SerenaCurtis39 SerenaCurtis40 SerenaCurtis41 SerenaCurtis42 SerenaCurtis43 SerenaCurtis44 SerenaCurtis45 SerenaCurtis46 SerenaCurtis47 SerenaCurtis48 SerenaCurtis49 SerenaCurtis50 SerenaCurtis51 SerenaCurtis52 SerenaCurtis53 SerenaCurtis54 SerenaCurtis55 SerenaCurtis56 SerenaCurtis57 SerenaCurtis58 SerenaCurtis59

Photo & Cinema: Little Blue Lemon
Venue: The Doctor’s House
Wedding Day Of Coordinator: Rebecca Chan
Wedding dress: Sash and Bustle
Wedding dress designer: Blush by Hailey Paige
Groom’s suit: Moores
Jewelry/Rings: Wendt’s Jewelry – Bride, Groom – Blue Nile
Décor/Linens: Have a Seat Decor
Florist: Flower597
Hair & Make-up: Blush Pretty
Invitations/Stationery: Designed by the Bride
Wedding Cake: Ginger Dessert’s
Entertainment: Lion Dance & Bridesmaid singing the first dance.