Check out Pamela & John’s Highlight Film

We LOVE love LOVE doing highlight films for our couples! When combined with photo, it just tells the perfect story. Don’t get us wrong, photos are beautiful. There’s just something about having people moving, laughing, talking… it’s such a beautiful addition to any wedding day.


Pamela & John Final Highlight from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.


Kathy & Chris: Parkview Manor Wedding

Kathy & Chris were married Sept 17, 2016 at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Toronto. We had the pleasure of capturing both Kathy and Chris in the morning getting ready before heading to the ceremony. St. Nicholas is a stunningly gorgeous church – a beautiful backdrop for any wedding ceremony. The detail is incredible! It was a cloudy and rainy day but we still wanted to be outdoors for photos – so we headed down to Underpass Park to take advantage of the graffiti while still be sheltered from the rain. After some beautiful romantics, the party was in full swing at the Parkview. Congratulations Kathy & Chris!!!
kathy & chris wedding









































Photo: Little Blue Lemon
Ceremony: St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church
Venue: Parkview Manor
Photo Location: Underpass Park

Lindsay & Mack – Wooden Sticks Golf Wedding

Wooden Sticks is one of Canada’s top golf courses. It is also a great place to get married. It’s actually a fantastic place to get married if your family runs the place and you’ve been a staple there since you were a kid. And that’s Lindsay and Mack. Families were full of pride and the sun was out and shining and the bridal party was a superb bunch. We had a great time and here’s a little sneak peek of the images we snapped.

Lindsay Mack Wooden Sticks Golf sneakpeek2 sneakpeek3 sneakpeek4 sneakpeek5 sneakpeek6 sneakpeek7 sneakpeek8 sneakpeek9 sneakpeek10 sneakpeek11 sneakpeek12 sneakpeek13 sneakpeek14 sneakpeek15 sneakpeek16 sneakpeek17 sneakpeek18 sneakpeek19 sneakpeek20 sneakpeek21 sneakpeek22 sneakpeek23 sneakpeek24 sneakpeek25 sneakpeek26 sneakpeek27 sneakpeek28 sneakpeek29 sneakpeek30 sneakpeek31 sneakpeek32 sneakpeek33

Check out their highlight film below! We LOVE when couples combine photo and cinema – it creates such amazing memories of the joy and love shared that day

Lindsay Mac Highlight 1.3 from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.

Congratulations Angela & Tom!!

Angela & Tom were married on May 14, 2016… it was actually our 11th anniversary ourselves and a great day to get married lol! We had the pleasure of shooting photo and cinema that day as well as our slow motion video booth. We started with the boys in the morning and one of our favourite shots is of Tom’s grandfather holding the pocket watch he received as a gift – there’s something about grandparent’s hands that we hold dear. Hands tell a story of time, age, wisdom, and life – capturing that in a photo is super special. We then headed out to the girls to meet the gorgeous Angela before arriving at one of the nicest churches in Toronto, St. Paul’s Basilica. The photos were done around the church as well as the venue, Fantasy Farm. Fantasy Farm has killer landscaping and stunning forest grounds – so we had an endless supply of awesome backgrounds. Our slow motion video booth was a huge hit with tons of belly laughs and confetti :) Check out the sneak peek bel0w – congratulations Angela & Tom!

Angela & Tom AngelaTom2 AngelaTom3 AngelaTom4 AngelaTom5 AngelaTom6 AngelaTom7 AngelaTom8 AngelaTom9 AngelaTom10 AngelaTom11 AngelaTom12 AngelaTom13 AngelaTom14 AngelaTom15 AngelaTom16 AngelaTom17 AngelaTom18 AngelaTom19 AngelaTom20 AngelaTom21 AngelaTom22 AngelaTom23 AngelaTom24 AngelaTom25 AngelaTom26 AngelaTom27 AngelaTom28 AngelaTom29 AngelaTom30 AngelaTom31 AngelaTom32 AngelaTom33 AngelaTom34 AngelaTom35 AngelaTom36 AngelaTom37 AngelaTom38 AngelaTom39 AngelaTom40 AngelaTom41 AngelaTom42 AngelaTom43 AngelaTom44 AngelaTom45 AngelaTom46 AngelaTom47 AngelaTom48 AngelaTom49 AngelaTom50 AngelaTom51
Photo & Cinema: Little Blue Lemon
Slow Motion Video Booth: Little Blue Lemon
Venue: Fantasy Farm
Church: St. Paul’s Basilica
Wedding dress: Sophies bridal shop, Mississauga
Designer: essence of Australia
Style of wedding dress: fit and flare
Groom’s suit from (rental or custom): custom from Harry Rosen
Jewelry/Rings: strata jewelry
Décor/Linens: DIY, linens are from the hall
Florist: Wedding Flowers
Wedding Cake: I do wedding cakes
Entertainment: dj Hubert

Mazel Tov Ruth & Guy!

Ruth and Guy were married April 17, 2016 at York Mills Gallery in Toronto. It was a stunningly beautiful day – finally, the weather was warm :) We had the pleasure of working with Vivian Ringwald Levine from 2 Steps Ahead Events again – she always runs such a smooth event! Ruth and Guy made our jobs super easy – full of giggles, laughter and love – we couldn’t have asked for a better day! Congratulations Ruth and Guy!

Ruth & Guy Wedding RuthGuy2 RuthGuy3 RuthGuy4 RuthGuy5 RuthGuy6 RuthGuy7 RuthGuy8 RuthGuy9 RuthGuy10 RuthGuy11 RuthGuy12 RuthGuy13 RuthGuy14 RuthGuy15 RuthGuy16 RuthGuy17 RuthGuy18 RuthGuy19 RuthGuy20 RuthGuy21 RuthGuy22 RuthGuy23 RuthGuy24 RuthGuy25 RuthGuy26 RuthGuy27 RuthGuy28 RuthGuy29 RuthGuy30 RuthGuy31 RuthGuy32 RuthGuy33 RuthGuy34 RuthGuy35 RuthGuy36 RuthGuy37 RuthGuy38 RuthGuy39 RuthGuy40 RuthGuy41 RuthGuy42 RuthGuy43

Photo: Little Blue Lemon
Hotel: Westin Prince Hotel
Venue: York Mills Gallery
Caterer: Zuchter Berk Kosher. ZB Hospitality Group
Wedding Coordinator: 2 Steps Ahead Events, Vivian Ringwald Levine
Wedding dress: The Brides Project
Wedding dress designer: Venus Bridal
Groom’s suit from (rental or custom): Classica Imports
Jewelry/Rings: Samuel Kleinberg Jewellers
Décor/Linens/Chuppah: Cool Green & Shady
Florist: Cool Green & Shady
Hair: Melissa Emerson
Makeup: Orly Kahn-Waldman
Invitations/Stationery: Bridal Path Boutique
Entertainment: Jet Entertainment (Justin Roth, DJ)
Bridal Shoes: Capparos And Keds by Kate Spade

As Seen on Elegant Wedding – Congrats Sharz & Nick!

We are so excited to be featured on the Elegant Wedding Magazine blog today with Sharz & Nick’s Wedding! Check out the awesome spread by clicking on the image below!!!

Elegant Wedding Feature


Lego, Laughter and Love Everafter!

We were overjoyed when we were hired to shoot Serena and Curtis’ wedding Feb 13, 2016. Not only did we get to spend the day with Serena & Curtis we also got to see two of our past brides, Eva and Kim, in the wedding party :) Keep in mind, Feb 13th happened to be the COLDEST day of the year – but, nothing phased these two. We explored every corner of the Doctor’s House and even braved the cold for a few outdoor snowy pics! Check out this lovely couple and their AWESOME wedding!!!

SerenaCurtis SerenaCurtis2 SerenaCurtis3 SerenaCurtis4 SerenaCurtis5 SerenaCurtis6 SerenaCurtis7 SerenaCurtis8 SerenaCurtis9 SerenaCurtis10 SerenaCurtis11 SerenaCurtis12 SerenaCurtis13 SerenaCurtis14 SerenaCurtis15 SerenaCurtis16 SerenaCurtis17 SerenaCurtis18 SerenaCurtis19 SerenaCurtis20 SerenaCurtis21 SerenaCurtis22 SerenaCurtis23 SerenaCurtis24 SerenaCurtis25 SerenaCurtis26 SerenaCurtis27 SerenaCurtis28 SerenaCurtis29 SerenaCurtis30 SerenaCurtis31 SerenaCurtis32 SerenaCurtis33 SerenaCurtis34 SerenaCurtis35 SerenaCurtis36 SerenaCurtis37 SerenaCurtis38 SerenaCurtis39 SerenaCurtis40 SerenaCurtis41 SerenaCurtis42 SerenaCurtis43 SerenaCurtis44 SerenaCurtis45 SerenaCurtis46 SerenaCurtis47 SerenaCurtis48 SerenaCurtis49 SerenaCurtis50 SerenaCurtis51 SerenaCurtis52 SerenaCurtis53 SerenaCurtis54 SerenaCurtis55 SerenaCurtis56 SerenaCurtis57 SerenaCurtis58 SerenaCurtis59

Photo & Cinema: Little Blue Lemon
Venue: The Doctor’s House
Wedding Day Of Coordinator: Rebecca Chan
Wedding dress: Sash and Bustle
Wedding dress designer: Blush by Hailey Paige
Groom’s suit: Moores
Jewelry/Rings: Wendt’s Jewelry – Bride, Groom – Blue Nile
Décor/Linens: Have a Seat Decor
Florist: Flower597
Hair & Make-up: Blush Pretty
Invitations/Stationery: Designed by the Bride
Wedding Cake: Ginger Dessert’s
Entertainment: Lion Dance & Bridesmaid singing the first dance.

Renee & Joe are Married!

What a spectacular wedding Renee & Joe had at the Doctor’s House on Sept 19, 2015. Despite a bit of rain, the day was non stop fun and truly a photographer’s dream. We even had a Ferrari to play with – like WOW! We just can’t get enough of these two photogenic love birds! Check out the sneak peek :)

Renee & Joe ReneeJoe2 ReneeJoe3 ReneeJoe4 ReneeJoe5 ReneeJoe6 ReneeJoe7 ReneeJoe8 ReneeJoe9 ReneeJoe10 ReneeJoe11 ReneeJoe12 ReneeJoe13 ReneeJoe14 ReneeJoe15 ReneeJoe16 ReneeJoe17 ReneeJoe18 ReneeJoe19 ReneeJoe20 ReneeJoe21 ReneeJoe22 ReneeJoe23 ReneeJoe24 ReneeJoe25 ReneeJoe26 ReneeJoe27 ReneeJoe28 ReneeJoe29 ReneeJoe30 ReneeJoe31 ReneeJoe32 ReneeJoe33 ReneeJoe34 ReneeJoe35 ReneeJoe36 ReneeJoe37 ReneeJoe38 ReneeJoe39 ReneeJoe40 ReneeJoe41 ReneeJoe42 ReneeJoe43 ReneeJoe44 ReneeJoe45 ReneeJoe46 ReneeJoe47 ReneeJoe48 ReneeJoe49 ReneeJoe50 ReneeJoe51 ReneeJoe52 ReneeJoe53 ReneeJoe54 ReneeJoe55 ReneeJoe56 ReneeJoe57

Photography: Little Blue Lemon
Cinematography: Little Blue Lemon
Venue: Doctor’s House
Wedding Dress: Belo Fashions
Designer:Kenneth Winston
Shoes: Barney’s New York- Christian Louboutin
Groom’s:rental- Tuxedo Royal
Rings: Edward and Davies
Décor/Linens: Have a Seat
Florist: Bridal Blossoms
Make-up done: Fancy Face
Invitations/Stationery: Elements Invitations
Wedding Cake: Irresistible Cakes
Entertainment: Platinum Entertainment

Kristin & James’ SteamWhistlin’ Wedding

Kristin & James were married at Steam Whistle Brewery under some gorgeous conditions. The weather was gorgeous and just warm enough to make you want to grab a beer…which is convenient, if you’re getting married in a brewery. ;) Check out this gorgeous album, full of fun, wonderful people, drinking bucket loads of beer.

Kristin & James Wedding Album from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.