A smokin’ good time at the Grand Olympia

Congratulations Sam and Anthony! What a fabulous wedding full of sunshine, laughs and overall joy. Sarah and Lisa captured a full day starting with the guys getting ready and ending during the dance party. From the moment we saw Sam’s dress, we were in LOVE – check out the back!!! YAAAS!!!! And, come-on – that cake…. LOVE IT!
It is obvious that Sam and Anthony are so in love – the way they interact, giggle and laugh with each other, they are two souls that are totally meant to be together. Enjoy the sneak peek and again, CONGRATS Sam and Anthony!


SamAnthonyGrandOlympia SamAnthonyGrandOlympia2 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia3 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia4 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia5 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia6 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia7 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia8 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia9 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia10 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia11 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia12 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia13 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia14 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia15 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia16 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia17 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia18 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia19 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia20 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia21 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia22 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia23 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia24 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia25 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia26 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia27 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia28 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia29 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia30 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia31 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia32 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia33 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia34 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia35 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia36 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia37 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia38 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia39 SamAnthonyGrandOlympia40

Photo: Little Blue Lemon
Venue: Grand Olympia
Wedding Planner: Floraltina design
Wedding Dress Store: Promises and lace @promisesandlace
Wedding Dress Designer: essence by Australia
Bridesmaids Dresses: Davids bridal
Groom’s Suit: Rw and co
Hair & Make-up: Jonna Mckechnie
Cake: Susan Trianos


Arrr Matey, It’s A Pirate Wedding

Shelley and Adam celebrated their wedding reception on July 23, 2016 at the Mariposa Inn. These two committed 100% to a fully themed pirate wedding – swords and all. It was awesome! We did do traditional family photos before hand but then jumped in to full pirate mode. Even we dressed in pirate attire. It was a fantastic night with a ton of awesome crazy people.

Shelley & Adam

































How do I buy wedding photography?

Being in the midst of engagement and wedding show season, we hear this a lot: “How do I buy wedding photography?” “I am so overwhelmed,” “There are so many photographers to choose from, where do I start?”

These are all fair question with long and difficult answers.

It’s not uncommon for folks to start by trying to use price comparisons as a means of choosing their photographers. What most couples forget is that wedding photography is not as simple as choosing which produce to buy at the grocery store. For example, you can’t compare going to Tim Hortons with going to a fancy restaurant with a world renowned chef. It’s the same with photography – you can’t compare creativity, experience, and artistic vision by just looking at a price, as there is a wide range of talent and experience out there.

Wedding photography, like food, paintings, or furniture, is an art form. When you are buying art, the first thing is to find a style that best fits who you are as individuals and a couple. Find the photography that speaks to you, that makes you feel something, that makes you “oooh and ahhh”.

Remember, sometimes a simple photograph takes a TON of work… wedding photography is creatively rewarding but a very difficult job. As wedding photographers, we have no control over any of the variables that day (weather, late arrivals, venue) – but we are still going to create beautiful photos no matter what happens. The skill to do that, to use available light or creating light if none exists, is something that comes with experience and talent. As wedding photographers, the joy for us is the creative freedom you entrust to us – the trust to capture your memories and create breathtaking photos!

So take your time, do your research and set a realistic budget. Saving a few dollars won’t mean much if you end up hating most, if not all your photos… The money you invest is to ensure you get a style you LOVE and a photographer who has the experience to get it right the first time. These are the photos that are going to be in your family for generations; what your children and grandchildren will look at for years to come. It’s a documentation of the first day of the rest of your lives together as an official family.

So don’t sell the process short – be in love with the style you are going to buy and love the personality of the photographer who is going to deliver and create that for you.


Danielle & Tony

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 10.56.28 AM

Melissa – you are INCREDIBLE!

So admittedly, we have been a bit behind in wedding turnaround and we are so grateful that our couples are so understanding. It comes from shooting 17 weddings in August and the weddings didn’t end there. We are so happy to be shooting so much and are thrilled that couples love what we do. We refuse to outsource our post production (hence the slight delay) as we want to put our love into every wedding we shoot. Melissa and Arthur have patiently been waiting for their images and we are in the middle of their wedding as we speak. We couldn’t resist posting this amazingly beautiful image of Melissa. WE LOVE YOU!

Christina & Matthew – Incredible People, Incredible Wedding!

We had the pleasure of shooting both Christina & Matthew’s engagement shoot as well as their wedding. We knew right away when shooting their engagement shoot in a bowling alley that these two were our type of people… and boy were we right! Awesome from the start, we were loved every minute of shooting their wedding. Everything took place at Hockley Valley on Sept 27, 2014.
Christina & Matthew SneakPeek2 SneakPeek3 SneakPeek4 SneakPeek5 SneakPeek6 SneakPeek7 SneakPeek8 SneakPeek9 SneakPeek10 SneakPeek11 SneakPeek12 SneakPeek13 SneakPeek14 SneakPeek15 SneakPeek16 SneakPeek17 SneakPeek18 SneakPeek19 SneakPeek20 SneakPeek21 SneakPeek22 SneakPeek23 SneakPeek24 SneakPeek25 SneakPeek26 SneakPeek27 SneakPeek28 SneakPeek29 SneakPeek30 SneakPeek31 SneakPeek32

Congratulations Kim & Matt – Stunning!

Kim and Matt were married Sept 20, 2014 at the Greystone Golf Course. We had the pleasure of shooting their engagement shoot a few months before, so we were all smiles and giggles from the moment we arrived. It was a beautiful and windy day, just the right temperature for everyone. The ceremony backdrop was absolutely gorgeous – the sun was hitting just right and the leaves were beginning to change. We used every inch of this golf course and the photos turned out fabulous if we don’t say so ourselves. There were so many more – but we had to try to narrow it down to our faves.

KimMattSneak KimMattSneak2 KimMattSneak3 KimMattSneak4 KimMattSneak5 KimMattSneak6 KimMattSneak7 KimMattSneak8 KimMattSneak9 KimMattSneak10 KimMattSneak11 KimMattSneak12 KimMattSneak13 KimMattSneak14 KimMattSneak15 KimMattSneak16 KimMattSneak17 KimMattSneak18 KimMattSneak19 KimMattSneak20 KimMattSneak21 KimMattSneak22 KimMattSneak23 KimMattSneak24 KimMattSneak25 KimMattSneak26 KimMattSneak27 KimMattSneak28 KimMattSneak29 KimMattSneak30 KimMattSneak31 KimMattSneak32 KimMattSneak33 KimMattSneak34 KimMattSneak35 KimMattSneak36 KimMattSneak37 KimMattSneak38 KimMattSneak39 KimMattSneak40

Venue: Greystone Golf Course
Photography: Little Blue Lemon

My Big Fat Turkish Wedding!

Melissa and Logan were married Sept 12, 2014 at the Eglinton Grand in Toronto. When we met these two, we knew it was going to be one fabulous adventure and man-0h-man were we ever right! From the engagement shoot ,where we secretly created the “My Big Fat Turkish Wedding” poster to the entire wedding day – we never stopped having creative fun with them. To two of the nicest people we know, congratulations Melissa and Logan!

Melissa & Logan MelissaLogan2 MelissaLogan3 MelissaLogan4 MelissaLogan5 MelissaLogan6 MelissaLogan7 MelissaLogan8 MelissaLogan9 MelissaLogan10 MelissaLogan11 MelissaLogan12 MelissaLogan13 MelissaLogan14 MelissaLogan15 MelissaLogan16 MelissaLogan17 MelissaLogan18 MelissaLogan19 MelissaLogan20 MelissaLogan21 MelissaLogan22 MelissaLogan23 MelissaLogan24 MelissaLogan25 MelissaLogan26 MelissaLogan27 MelissaLogan28 MelissaLogan29 MelissaLogan30 MelissaLogan31 MelissaLogan32 MelissaLogan33


And… here’s the awesome movie poster we created with them for placement outside the Eglinton Grand! Obviously a replica of the “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” poster :)
We shot this during their engagement shoot. Each family member was shot individually in front of a seamless and had no idea what their picture was being taken for… the big reveal was at the wedding. Totally Awesome!
Big Fat Turkish Wedding Movie Poster



Venue: Eginton Grand
Photographers: Little Blue Lemon


Kim & Ian are hitched!

Kim and Ian were married Aug 31, 2014 at the Westin Prince Hotel in Toronto. From the moment we arrived at Kim’s parents house, we felt the excitement. Kim was up for anything (including lying on the ground) which we LOVED! We did the reveal at Evergreen brickworks followed by a fabulous wedding party shoot and then headed to the Westin Prince for the ceremony and reception. The night was full of endless fun, games and dancing – a beautiful wedding! Congratulations Kim and Ian!

Kim & Ian KimIan2 KimIan3 KimIan4 KimIan5 KimIan6 KimIan7 KimIan8 KimIan9 KimIan10 KimIan11 KimIan12 KimIan13 KimIan14 KimIan15 KimIan16 KimIan17 KimIan18 KimIan19 KimIan20 KimIan21 KimIan22 KimIan23 KimIan24 KimIan25 KimIan26

Photo Location: Evergreen Brickworks
Ceremony & Reception: Westin Prince Hotel
Photographer & Cinematographer: Little Blue Lemon


Congratulations Laura & Preston!

Laura & Preston were married Aug 23, 2014 at the Windsor Arms Hotel. We had the pleasure of shooting both photo and cinema for this wedding and the outcome was nothing short of spectacular! Preston is a photographer himself, and we LOVE when we can impress those around us who know a thing or two about cameras ;) Laura and Preston’s wedding was JAM PACKED fun, full of entertainment, games, tea ceremonies, reveals, outfit changes, lion dances and more! Everywhere we turned there was something new and exciting to shoot and not once did the bride or groom tire. Congratulations Laura and Preston – two people who truly know how to plan an amazing wedding (and take an awesome honeymoon)!

LauraPreston Sneak Peek LauraPreston2 LauraPreston3 LauraPreston4 LauraPreston5 LauraPreston6 LauraPreston7 LauraPreston8 LauraPreston9 LauraPreston10 LauraPreston11 LauraPreston12 LauraPreston13 LauraPreston14 LauraPreston15 LauraPreston16 LauraPreston17 LauraPreston18 LauraPreston19 LauraPreston20 LauraPreston21 LauraPreston22 LauraPreston23 LauraPreston24 LauraPreston25 LauraPreston26 LauraPreston27 LauraPreston28 LauraPreston29 LauraPreston30 LauraPreston31 LauraPreston32 LauraPreston33 LauraPreston34 LauraPreston35 LauraPreston36 LauraPreston37 LauraPreston38Venue: Windsor Arms
Photograher: Little Blue Lemon
Cinematographer: Little Blue Lemon
Wedding dress:  Powder Bride Toronto
Dress designer: Jenny Packham
Style of your wedding dress: VIntage Inspired
Groom’s suit: Trend Custom Tailors
Jewelry/Rings: www.jewellerysolution.com
Décor/Linens: Brothers Convenience
Florist: Brothers Convenience
Hair & Make-up: Hair- Hannah Chang, makeup: Jin Sin
Invitations/Stationery: Ferris Wheel Press
Entertainment is: DJ Danny Ninyo
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik / Ferragamo

Jennifer & Patrick’s Awesome Wedding!

Jennifer and Patrick had an incredible wedding on Aug 15, 2014. It was almost a double wedding as we did two reveals – LOL! One reveal in the morning before the Chinese Tea Ceremony and then the second at Evergreen Brickworks in the traditional western white gown. The ceremony and reception were held at the Eglinton Grand and it did not disappoint! We are totally in LOVE with the first image of their sneak peek – the shot is their reflection in the water at Brickworks… reminiscent of  an impressionist painting.
We had the BEST time with Jen & Patrick – ton’s of laughs! Even we had trouble narrowing down the photos for the sneak peek! Stay tuned for more in the predesign!Jennifer & Patrick's Wedding JenPatrickBlog2 JenPatrickBlog3 JenPatrickBlog4 JenPatrickBlog5 JenPatrickBlog6 JenPatrickBlog7 JenPatrickBlog8 JenPatrickBlog9 JenPatrickBlog10 JenPatrickBlog11 JenPatrickBlog12 JenPatrickBlog13 JenPatrickBlog14 JenPatrickBlog15 JenPatrickBlog16 JenPatrickBlog17 JenPatrickBlog18 JenPatrickBlog19 JenPatrickBlog20 JenPatrickBlog21 JenPatrickBlog22 JenPatrickBlog23 JenPatrickBlog24 JenPatrickBlog25 JenPatrickBlog26 JenPatrickBlog27