We Said “I Do” to New Flash Drives from USB Memory Direct

There is nothing more wonderful than a product that combines both of our favorite aspects of photography – albums and images. A device that allows you to hold hundreds of digital photos all at the palm of your hand. So what is this full package product you may ask? A USB drive, of course! 

We are so excited to talk about our brand new custom flash drives from USB Memory Direct. For starters, let us just say we are obsessed with how great they look. These walnut colored flash drives add an extra sprinkle of elegance to our wedding packages that we’ve been craving. Especially, with how flawless our laser engraved logo looks on the front. 

Flash drives are very important for our wedding packages. There is nothing we love more than sharing all the memories from your special day with you on one handy USB drive. No matter how big or small a wedding may be, handing out a beautiful wooden flash drive is much more meaningful to us then emailing you a Dropbox link. That’s why we give flash drives to every one of our newlywed couples as a memorable keepsake that they can always cherish. 

 Our USB drives are a product we are proud to have to represent our brand. Thank you USB Memory Direct for these awesome flash drives! Check out their website to learn more about their flash drives.