How To Find The Best Wedding Photographers Toronto Offers

This is no easy task and we feel ya! There are lots of talented wedding photographers here in Toronto and across Canada. The first step, look at portfolios.


It's not easy to narrow down the thousands of wedding photos into our absolute favourites. We have shot thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of images.... and yet every couple we photograph has touched us in an emotional way. After all, we were right beside them on their wedding journey, witnessing their emotion and tasked with capturing these beautiful moments in a genuine way. Every person we photograph has a unique story that we become part of, whether it's during a conversation, an engagement shoot, or on their wedding day. 

As Toronto wedding photographers we have the pleasure of shooting such an immense diversity of love and culture. It's this diversity of individuals, story, culture, background that continues to inspire us and pushes us to keep our creativity. When we began 10 years ago, never did we imagine that we would be considered among the best wedding photographers in Toronto. We are so incredibly lucky that we get to do what we love.  

As you search for your perfect wedding photographer, we recommend you try to find a style that makes you feel emotion. After all, it's that emotion we are striving to capture. If you want to learn more, read our FAQ page.

Little Blue Lemon is an award winning photography studio located in Toronto servicing all of the GTA, Hamilton, Ontario, BC, and Canada!

Thanks for stopping by. We hope that exploring our wedding photography portfolio, gives you a sense of our photographic style. Visit our blog to see all of our recent weddings - definitely worth a look!

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