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We just launched wedding merch!

I know what you are thinking.... why would a photo and video company launch wedding merchandise? Well, why not!

Having photographed many weddings, we have seen a lot of cool wedding gift ideas and being visual creators, we started playing with cool wedding designs. We wanted to create a line of items that are fun to wear and keep people entertained. That's where the rebus puzzle collection came from. It's a way to start conversation but also a great way to continue wearing the items long after the wedding. Can you figure out what the puzzles say?

I mean, common - How fun are these!!!

We have rebus puzzle options for the groom, groomsmen, bride, bridesmaids, and even the junior crew (ring bearer and flower girl).

Check out our store to see all of our wedding gift ideas. We even have a line of swimwear, flip flops, mugs and bracelets. And here is a super bonus - If you have a custom wedding design, wedding logo, wedding monogram or special saying - we can customize these products for you. Just think, you could have flip flops with your own custom monogram for all your guests for dancing, or personalized bracelets for your girls... you name it, we can do it!

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