StowGo Card Wallet

SKU: 001K-GR

It's not just a memory card wallet, it's an organization system!

Whether you're just learning or a pro, we have all had that feeling that you may have lost a memory card, or worse that you may have formatted the wrong card.  The StowGo Card Wallet is designed with one goal in mind - to keep your full cards safe and your empty cards accessible. Colour coded inside and out, it's one less thing to think about and one more thing to make your life easier.


A system developed over the last 15 years and implemented during commercial and lifestyle shoots, weddings, travel and family fun. It works, it's easy, and it just makes sense. Use it as a solo shooter or implement it studio wide - a standardized system to keep everyone organized and efficient.


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    • Exterior icons and text allows for easy identification
    • Colour coded interior mesh 
    • Fits multiple CF, SD and MicroSD cards
    • 2.5" x 2.5" neoprene pouches are designed to fit inside your camera bag, connected to your camera strap, belt loop, purse or luggage
    • The Nite Ize Slidelock® Carabiner ensures that the pouches are lockable and ready to use
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