We designed a thing!

If you love taking pictures and shooting movies, this is the memory card wallet for you! We make it simple to organize your full cards and quickly access your empty cards. Colour coded inside and out, it's one less thing to think about and one more thing to make your life easier. Keep your multiple memory cards (CF, SD and microSD cards) separated and organized by using the StowGo Card Wallet System.

The StowGo Card Wallet is not just a memory card wallet, it's an organization system

Simple, Organized, Efficient

The StowGo Card Wallet is designed with one goal in mind - to organize your empty and full memory cards to make it easy for you. Colour coded interior mesh with room to fit multiple CF, SD and MicroSD cards; exterior icons and text allows for easy identification. These 2.5"x2.5" neoprene pouches are designed to fit inside your camera bag, connected to your camera strap, belt loop, purse or luggage. The Nite Ize Slidelock® Carabiner ensures that the pouches are locked and ready to use. 


Having been Toronto wedding photographers, commercial photographers, and videographers for close to 20 years, we have refined a system for organizing our memory cards. We thought it was time to share it with all of you. It's helped keep us organized ensuring that our full cards are kept safe and our empty cards easily accessible. Whether shooting alone, travelling or implementing with our 10+ artists, this card wallet has kept us all organized and our images/video safely stored.

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