Rachel & Adam’s Incredible Backyard Wedding!

Rachel and Adam were married June 26, 2016 in their backyard! Photography started at the first look and continued into the afternoon. It was the dream wedding – lavish green grounds, beautiful tent and decor and a fabulous number of friends and family to share in their beautiful day. Shot by one of our fabulous photo teams, Sarah & Lisa, Rachel & Adam’s wedding was truly a perfect event, filled with love, emotion and soul. Congratulations Rachel & Adam!

Rachel & Adam RachelAdam2 RachelAdam3 RachelAdam4 RachelAdam5 RachelAdam6 RachelAdam7 RachelAdam8 RachelAdam9 RachelAdam10 RachelAdam11 RachelAdam12 RachelAdam13 RachelAdam14 RachelAdam15 RachelAdam16 RachelAdam17 RachelAdam18 RachelAdam19 RachelAdam20 RachelAdam21 RachelAdam22 RachelAdam23 RachelAdam24 RachelAdam25 RachelAdam26 RachelAdam27 RachelAdam28 RachelAdam29

Photo: Little Blue Lemon (Sarah & Lisa)
Venue: Backyard Wedding


Congratulations Alissa & Darren!

Alissa & Darren were married on June 19, 2016 at the Bayview Golf and Country Club. We met Alissa a few years ago when we shot her friend Shayna’s wedding. At that time Alissa was part of the wedding party and the moment we met, we knew that one day we would want to be the ones to shoot her wedding! Lucky for us, once Darren proposed, we got the phone call asking us to capture her wedding day. Alissa and Darren wanted some of their photos to be quirky and silly and we think that the photographs reflect how awesomely fun these two are :) We had the pleasure of working with Heidi Gruenspan and her team again – and wow, do they ever know how to run an event! Congratulations Alissa & Darren!

AlissaDarren AlissaDarren2 AlissaDarren3 AlissaDarren4 AlissaDarren5 AlissaDarren6 AlissaDarren7 AlissaDarren8 AlissaDarren9 AlissaDarren10 AlissaDarren11 AlissaDarren12 AlissaDarren13 AlissaDarren14 AlissaDarren15 AlissaDarren16 AlissaDarren17 AlissaDarren18 AlissaDarren19 AlissaDarren20 AlissaDarren21 AlissaDarren22 AlissaDarren23 AlissaDarren24 AlissaDarren25 AlissaDarren26 AlissaDarren27 AlissaDarren28 AlissaDarren29 AlissaDarren30 AlissaDarren31 AlissaDarren32 AlissaDarren33 AlissaDarren34 AlissaDarren35 AlissaDarren36 AlissaDarren37 AlissaDarren38 AlissaDarren39 AlissaDarren40 AlissaDarren41 AlissaDarren42 AlissaDarren43 AlissaDarren44 AlissaDarren45 AlissaDarren46 AlissaDarren47 AlissaDarren48 AlissaDarren49 AlissaDarren50 AlissaDarren51

Photo: Little Blue Lemon Photography & Cinematography
Wedding Planner: Heidi Gruenspan
Venue: Bayview Golf & Country Club
Band: The Truly Band
Florist: Flowers Time
Sweet Table: Donut Shoppe
Pastries: Artsy Baker

Engagement Shoot in High Park, Toronto

High Park is a real treasure. Firstly, it’s enormous. Secondly, there is so much variety there, it’s hard to choose a place to start. After meeting up with Faizeh and Hasnain for an engagement shoot, we settled on the area surrounding The Grenadier Cafe. We specifically timed the shoot for Golden Hour in order to have some fun playing is some spectacular light on a summer evening. Enjoy the sneak peek!

fazHanain fazHanain2 fazHanain3 fazHanain4 fazHanain5

The Fantastic Mr. & Mrs. Fox!

What do you get when you mix film producers, film makers, writers, actors, singers, song writers, performers, directors and entertainers together – one hell of a good time LOL! We had the pleasure of shooting brad’s brother, Rob & Hayley ‘s wedding a few years ago and were honoured when our long time friend Brad asked us to shoot his own wedding to Katie in Calgary on June 25, 2016.  We jumped at the chance to head out to Calgary and spend the weekend with old friends full of love and laughter. We arrived on Friday just in time for their rehearsal dinner and some good conversation and some incredible belly laughs. Come Saturday morning we were ready and eager to start shooting knowing full well we would be exploiting the epic Alberta skies and taking advantage of every “nook and cranny”. Luckily for us, Katie and Brad were game for everything and anything. I think we had every possible type of weather – from sun, to cloud, to full thunderstorm showers, to sunset and even a rainbow on repeat throughout the day! It was Alberta in it’s full glory and we didn’t stop shooting ;) Congratulations Katie and Brad!!!

KatieBrad KatieBrad2 KatieBrad3 KatieBrad4 KatieBrad5 KatieBrad6 KatieBrad7 KatieBrad8 KatieBrad9 KatieBrad10 KatieBrad11 KatieBrad12 KatieBrad13 KatieBrad14 KatieBrad15 KatieBrad16 KatieBrad17 KatieBrad18 KatieBrad19 KatieBrad20 KatieBrad21 KatieBrad22 KatieBrad23 KatieBrad24 KatieBrad25 KatieBrad26 KatieBrad27 KatieBrad28 KatieBrad29 KatieBrad30 KatieBrad31 KatieBrad32 KatieBrad33 KatieBrad34 KatieBrad35 KatieBrad36 KatieBrad37 KatieBrad38 KatieBrad39 KatieBrad40 KatieBrad41 KatieBrad42 KatieBrad43 KatieBrad44 KatieBrad45 KatieBrad46 KatieBrad47 KatieBrad48 KatieBrad49 KatieBrad50 KatieBrad51 KatieBrad52 KatieBrad53 KatieBrad54 KatieBrad55 KatieBrad56 KatieBrad57 KatieBrad58 KatieBrad59 KatieBrad60 KatieBrad61 KatieBrad62 KatieBrad63 KatieBrad64 KatieBrad65 KatieBrad66 KatieBrad67 KatieBrad68 KatieBrad69

Photo: Little Blue Lemon Photography & Cinematography

Venue: Ralph Klein Park Environmental Education Center

The big sculpture we took a picture on is “Sentinels” by American land artist Beverly Pepper (the whole hill is the piece)

Wedding dress: Sample from Ethos Bridal in Calgary, AB – ordered and alterations from Bonnie (who is great) at Best for Bride Etobicoke, ON.

Wedding dress designer:  Sophia Tolli

Style of your wedding dress: Y21371 “Poppy” – Strapless ballgown.

Groom’s suit from (rental or custom): BLACK by Vera Wang, charcoal, rentalWhere did you get your

Jewelry/Rings:  Handmade by Katie & Brad at The Devil’s Workshop in Toronto

Jewelry:  Pearl Earrings from Birks, Calgary.

Groom Gifts: Hatchets from Lee Valley Hardware

Décor/Linens: Linens and Ceremony Backdrop from Special Event Rentals Calgary.

Florist: Adele Wallace, floral designer from Flowers at the Market, Calgary; Centerpieces and overall flower guru – Katie’s mom, Suzanne

Hair & Make-up: Hair, Carrie for Beautiful Calgary Bride
Makeup by Carlie Cyr

Invitations/Stationery: Designed by Brad. Paper stock and printing from Cards and Pockets

Entertainment:  International Recording Artist, and winner of the 2015 Vina del Mar International Song Competition – Nipawin’s own – Jeffery Straker.Winner of no major wedding DJ’ing international competitions yet – WHICH IS A TRAVESTY – DJ Ed “Ed Word” Mitchell

Goodword DJ Services

Catering: Hotel Arts, Calgary



Congratulations Jadyn!

We had the pleasure of shooting Jadyn’s Bat Mitzvah on June 18, 2016. Let’s just say, this was one stellar P-A-R-T-Y! Jadyn’s family are so easy to shoot and Jadyn and her siblings are amazing! Willing to do anything we asked, totally eager, and so enthusiastic about photos :) We couldn’t ask for better. We are so incredibly thrilled with the results - be sure to check out that cake smash and the Hula Hooper – wickedly awesome light painting!!!

Congratulations Jadyn!

Jadyn's Bat Mitzvah Party Jadyn2 Jadyn3 Jadyn4 Jadyn5 Jadyn6 Jadyn7 Jadyn8 Jadyn9 Jadyn10 Jadyn11 Jadyn12 Jadyn13 Jadyn14 Jadyn15 Jadyn16 Jadyn17 Jadyn18 Jadyn19 Jadyn20 Jadyn21 Jadyn22 Jadyn23 Jadyn24 Jadyn25 Jadyn26 Jadyn27 Jadyn28 Jadyn29 Jadyn30 Jadyn31 Jadyn32 Jadyn33 Jadyn34


Photo: Little Blue Lemon Photography & Cinematography
Venue: The Factory
Entertainment: Soul Power

Emily & Jamie at The Berkeley Church

Emily & Jamie are a total treat. Ideal even. Ideal in the sense that they are 100% the missing puzzle pieces in each others lives! Watching them together is like watching telepathy! We were so happy they chose us for their wedding photography – actually, we weren’t going to let them go elsewhere, particularly because Emily is the sister to Liz (and Greg), who is one of our favourite brides of all time (no joke). It was awesome seeing the old gang again. Enjoy!

EmilyJamie EmilyJamie2 EmilyJamie3 EmilyJamie4 EmilyJamie5 EmilyJamie6 EmilyJamie7 EmilyJamie8 EmilyJamie9 EmilyJamie10 EmilyJamie11 EmilyJamie12 EmilyJamie13 EmilyJamie14 EmilyJamie15 EmilyJamie16 EmilyJamie17 EmilyJamie18 EmilyJamie19 EmilyJamie20 EmilyJamie21 EmilyJamie22 EmilyJamie23 EmilyJamie24 EmilyJamie25 EmilyJamie26 EmilyJamie27 EmilyJamie28 EmilyJamie29 EmilyJamie30 EmilyJamie31 EmilyJamie32 EmilyJamie33 EmilyJamie34 EmilyJamie35 EmilyJamie36 EmilyJamie37 EmilyJamie38 EmilyJamie39 EmilyJamie40 EmilyJamie41 EmilyJamie42 EmilyJamie43 EmilyJamie44


Dress – Ascher by Maggie Sottero (Becker’s Bridal)
Shoes – Vince Camuto 
Vintage Hairpiece – hand made by The Loved One and sold at Mrs Bridal
Garter – it’s a very special vintage hand me down with special notes in it
Earrings: The Loved One

Christine & Michael – A Magical Celebration

Christine and Michael were married May 28, 2016 at the glorious Liberty Grand located within the CNE grounds downtown Toronto. We had the pleasure of meeting these awesome folks when we shot Christine’s sister, Camille’s wedding a couple years back. Let’s just say, we were so excited to be with the family again for this stunning wedding! Christine wore a fabulous Maggie Sottero wedding dress with incredible pink Badgley Mischka shoes! This wedding had everything from perfect weather, an incredible bride & groom, fabulous bridal party and a family you just want to squeeze :) Check out the sneak peek below

ChristineMichael ChristineMichael2 ChristineMichael3 ChristineMichael4 ChristineMichael5 ChristineMichael6 ChristineMichael7 ChristineMichael8 ChristineMichael9 ChristineMichael10 ChristineMichael11 ChristineMichael12 ChristineMichael13 ChristineMichael14 ChristineMichael15 ChristineMichael16 ChristineMichael17 ChristineMichael18 ChristineMichael19 ChristineMichael20 ChristineMichael21 ChristineMichael22 ChristineMichael23 ChristineMichael24 ChristineMichael25 ChristineMichael26 ChristineMichael27 ChristineMichael28 ChristineMichael29 ChristineMichael30 ChristineMichael31 ChristineMichael32 ChristineMichael33 ChristineMichael34 ChristineMichael35 ChristineMichael36 ChristineMichael37 ChristineMichael38 ChristineMichael39 ChristineMichael40 ChristineMichael41 ChristineMichael42 ChristineMichael43 ChristineMichael44 ChristineMichael45 ChristineMichael46 ChristineMichael47 ChristineMichael48 ChristineMichael49 ChristineMichael50 ChristineMichael51 ChristineMichael52 ChristineMichael53 ChristineMichael54 ChristineMichael55 ChristineMichael56 ChristineMichael57 ChristineMichael58 ChristineMichael59 ChristineMichael60 ChristineMichael61 ChristineMichael62 ChristineMichael63 ChristineMichael64




Photographer: Little Blue Lemon

Videographer & Photobooth: SDE Weddings

Venue: Liberty Grand

Wedding Planner: Yours Truly, Bride & Groom

Wedding Dress: Superior Bridal

Designer: Maggie Sottero

Style of wedding dress: Fit & Flare

Groom’s suit: Custom from Surmesur

Bridal Shoes: Badgley Mischka 

Groom’s Shoes: Ted Baker  http://www.tedbaker.com/

Jewelry/Rings: Custom

Décor/Linens: Creations Décor                 

Florist: Creations Décor

Candy Table: Designed by Yours Truly, Bride & Groom

Makeup: Patricia Makeup Artistry

Hair: Mary Fang

Invitations/Stationery: Invitations designed by Yours Truly, Bride & Groom

Wedding Cake: Just Temptations

Entertainment: Shaun Geer, DJ

Slow Motion Video Booth – A HUGE hit!

Check out this awesome Slow Motion Video booth from Angela & Tom’s wedding! Let’s just say, everyone was fired up and the results are incredible

Angela & Tom Slow Motion Video from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.

Sylvie & Bjon’s Spectacular Wedding

Sylvie & Bjon were married May 21, 2016 at the beautiful Sunnybrook Estates. We were so excited when they chose us to be their photographers and cinematographers for their wedding day – we knew instantly that this was going to be an incredible wedding. The morning took place at the condo downtown. We then headed two minutes away to Prince’s Gate at CNE for the reveal followed by underpass park for photos. The ceremony was one of the most absolutely beautiful we have seen, full of emotion, dancing and love. Big smiles and glorious wedding excitement continued from the moment we arrived to well after we left for the evening. We absolutely fell in love with these two. Check out the sneak peek below.

SylvieBjon SylvieBjon2 SylvieBjon3 SylvieBjon4 SylvieBjon5 SylvieBjon6 SylvieBjon7 SylvieBjon8 SylvieBjon9 SylvieBjon10 SylvieBjon11 SylvieBjon12 SylvieBjon13 SylvieBjon14 SylvieBjon15 SylvieBjon16 SylvieBjon17 SylvieBjon18 SylvieBjon19 SylvieBjon20 SylvieBjon21 SylvieBjon22 SylvieBjon23 SylvieBjon24 SylvieBjon25 SylvieBjon26 SylvieBjon27 SylvieBjon28 SylvieBjon29 SylvieBjon30 SylvieBjon31 SylvieBjon32 SylvieBjon33 SylvieBjon34 SylvieBjon35 SylvieBjon36 SylvieBjon37 SylvieBjon38 SylvieBjon39 SylvieBjon40 SylvieBjon41 SylvieBjon42 SylvieBjon43 SylvieBjon44 SylvieBjon45 SylvieBjon46 SylvieBjon47 SylvieBjon48 SylvieBjon49 SylvieBjon50 SylvieBjon51 SylvieBjon52 SylvieBjon53 SylvieBjon54 SylvieBjon55

Photography: Little Blue Lemon
Cinematography: Little Blue Lemon
Venue: Sunnybrook Estates
Wedding Planner: HB Events: Hazel Boivin
Wedding dress: Bella’s Brides, Northyork.
Wedding dress designer: Mori Lee
Shoes: Bandolino
Bridesmaid/maid of honour dress: Bella’s Bride
Groom’s suit: Custom – Tuxedo Royale
Groom’s cuff links: Ted Baker
Groom/groomsmen socks: Ted Baker
Grooms double monk strap shoes: Hugo Boss
Jewelry/Rings: Corona Jewelery
Décor/Linens: DIY and HB Events, Helix Candles (www.helixcandles.com)
Florist: combination – DIY ( bridal party), HB Events (centrepieces)
Hair & Make-up done: Hair (Jazma Salon – Alicia); Makeup (Elle St.Aubyn – ellestaubynbeauty.com)
Invitations/Stationery: Lines & Beyond; www.lines and beyond.com
Wedding Cake: Fine Cakes by Zehra (www.finecakesbyzehra.com)
Entertainment: 96 Degrees Sound

Congratulations Angela & Tom!!

Angela & Tom were married on May 14, 2016… it was actually our 11th anniversary ourselves and a great day to get married lol! We had the pleasure of shooting photo and cinema that day as well as our slow motion video booth. We started with the boys in the morning and one of our favourite shots is of Tom’s grandfather holding the pocket watch he received as a gift – there’s something about grandparent’s hands that we hold dear. Hands tell a story of time, age, wisdom, and life – capturing that in a photo is super special. We then headed out to the girls to meet the gorgeous Angela before arriving at one of the nicest churches in Toronto, St. Paul’s Basilica. The photos were done around the church as well as the venue, Fantasy Farm. Fantasy Farm has killer landscaping and stunning forest grounds – so we had an endless supply of awesome backgrounds. Our slow motion video booth was a huge hit with tons of belly laughs and confetti :) Check out the sneak peek bel0w – congratulations Angela & Tom!

Angela & Tom AngelaTom2 AngelaTom3 AngelaTom4 AngelaTom5 AngelaTom6 AngelaTom7 AngelaTom8 AngelaTom9 AngelaTom10 AngelaTom11 AngelaTom12 AngelaTom13 AngelaTom14 AngelaTom15 AngelaTom16 AngelaTom17 AngelaTom18 AngelaTom19 AngelaTom20 AngelaTom21 AngelaTom22 AngelaTom23 AngelaTom24 AngelaTom25 AngelaTom26 AngelaTom27 AngelaTom28 AngelaTom29 AngelaTom30 AngelaTom31 AngelaTom32 AngelaTom33 AngelaTom34 AngelaTom35 AngelaTom36 AngelaTom37 AngelaTom38 AngelaTom39 AngelaTom40 AngelaTom41 AngelaTom42 AngelaTom43 AngelaTom44 AngelaTom45 AngelaTom46 AngelaTom47 AngelaTom48 AngelaTom49 AngelaTom50 AngelaTom51
Photo & Cinema: Little Blue Lemon
Slow Motion Video Booth: Little Blue Lemon
Venue: Fantasy Farm
Church: St. Paul’s Basilica
Wedding dress: Sophies bridal shop, Mississauga
Designer: essence of Australia
Style of wedding dress: fit and flare
Groom’s suit from (rental or custom): custom from Harry Rosen
Jewelry/Rings: strata jewelry
Décor/Linens: DIY, linens are from the hall
Florist: Wedding Flowers
Wedding Cake: I do wedding cakes
Entertainment: dj Hubert