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Now that 2014′s wedding season is upon us, we thought why not post some of the fabulous dresses and details we photographed in 2013. So much time and effort goes into finding the perfect dress and then complimenting it with the perfect accessories – whether it be a garter, headpiece or even the groom’s cufflinks and pocket square, see some of the awesome choices our 2013 couples made below.


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Favourite Bridal Bouquets of 2013

There are some truly amazing florists out there who create such beautiful harmony when it comes to bridal bouquets. It’s truly an art as the perfect bridal bouquet always has a way of completing a dress and reinforcing the tone – whether it be romantic, soft, bold, contemporary, classic or vintage. But let’s not stop there… we have seen some really cool trends in 2013 with the brooch bouquet and the bead bouquet (a treat to shoot) – definitely not your typical wedding accessory but totally memorable and very cool. Check out some of our favorite bouquets from 2013 below.

Amazing wedding bouquets

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Top 2013 Bridal Shoes

What more exciting purchase for a bride, than an AMAZING pair of shoes! Take it from me, I purchased five, YES FIVE, pairs of shoes before our wedding – I just kept finding something better… and Tony didn’t object, which didn’t curb my spending ;) As I am sure you can imagine, we see a lot of wedding shoes in a season. So we thought, why not post our 2013 faves to give our beautiful brides some ideas and inspiration! We encountered some incredibly talented women who were able to create some amazing DIY bling to dress up their wedding shoes – not all wedding shoes have to be brand names to be spectacular. Although, let’s be honest, a few pairs of manolo blahnik’s wouldn’t hurt, any time of year (tell that to Tony :)

Bridal shoes of 2013

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Little Blue Lemon 2013 Favourites

Every year, its inevitable that we shoot A LOT of images! It’s during this time of year, that we have some time to re-organize, re-inspire and archive, archive, archive! During this time, we get to re-live some of the amazing moments and couples of 2013. We had such a big year last year, and it was all because of the wonderful people we had the opportunity to shoot. Rarely do we get to showcase our favourite images, but here goes!

For anyone who knows Tony and I, you know that we love to have mini competitions amongst ourselves to see who gets the best shot :) Trust me, we have kept score!!! We chose our favorite “couple” images based on emotion, LIGHT (yes upper-case because of the importance of it), cool-factor, and our own subjective opinions… but hey, why not! Check out what we picked as the ultimate in cool, romantic, awesome, amazing, Toronto wedding photography.

Best of 2013 wedding photography






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Sara & Jon’s Slow Motion Video is here!

The long awaited slow motion video has arrived! We were so excited to run a Slow Motion Video Booth at Sara & Jon’s wedding Feb 8, 2014 at the Four Season’s Hotel in Yorkville, Toronto. We couldn’t have asked for more enthusiastic participation by family and friends. It was amazing to see so many huge belly laughs, especially when folks saw what they had just done in the slow motion replay. Editing this together was a joy for everyone involved as it’s just plain FUNNY to watch! Enjoyed by kids, parents, grandparents and friends – these are some beautifully silly moments to remember.
To get the full effect hit full screen and HD!

Sara & Jon’s Slow Motion Video Booth from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.

Below are some of the stills we captured as folks enjoyed the booth. One way to combine the beauty of slow motion and a photo booth.

Slow Motion Video Booth, Slow Motion Photo Booth


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For those of you who remember the movie Tremors with Kevin Bacon!

We had one of our amazing 2013 couples request a bridal chase photo after seeing our AT-AT Star Wars photo that went viral. The bridal party was awesome and we were all in tears laughing as we shot this. Once back in the studio, we just couldn’t resist adding in Tremor’s style, HP Lovecraft Cthonians! Who didn’t love that Kevin Bacon Movie :) We weren’t the only ones who got a kick out of it, published recently in Rangefinder Magazine.

HPLovecraft Wedding Chase

HPLovecraft Wedding Chase


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Jennifer & Brian’s Winter Wedding

Jennifer & Brian‘s (post-polar-appocalytic) wedding was a welcome treat. We had an awesome time with these guys and their bridal party…and pretty much stayed indoors at A-Loft Hotel and Bellagio. Check out the album pre-design below.

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We are now booking for 2015!

For all those couples who have just started wedding planning, now is the perfect time to start thinking about photography. Believe it or not, photographers tend to book over a year in advance! Once your date is set and venue confirmed, the next thing on your list should be to start researching photographers. Find a style you like then make sure you connect with the folks who are shooting you, as the more comfortable you are with your photographers the better your photos will be! Let’s be honest, kissing in front of a camera and strangers is not the norm for most people.

Get in touch as we would LOVE to find out what you have planned for your wedding.

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Very excited that Little Blue Lemon is in Elegant Wedding Magazine!

Check out Leslie & PK’s four page spread in Elegant Wedding Magazine, now available in stores! Thrilled to be showcased like this and couldn’t have asked for a better wedding to be a part of.

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Lettin’ our sillies out!

Look at us…we ATTENDED a wedding! Congrats Jon & Sara! (Danielle tied the bow-tie….)

Danielle & Tony attending a wedding

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