Rosanna & Will – A day full of celebration

Congratulations to Rosanna and Will who were married July 4, 2015 at the Westin Prince Hotel in Toronto. Their wedding was exactly 2 years from the date of their engagement – how awesome is that! From getting ready in the morning to groom games, dress changes, reveals, and romantics, these two were all smiles all day! A stunning wedding through and through!












































Venue: Westin Prince Hotel
Photography: Little Blue Lemon
Cinematography: Little Blue Lemon
Wedding Dress: Avenue 22
Designer: Sophia Tolli
Style of your wedding dress: Strapless a line wedding dress with chapel train, in misty tulle and lace. Tulle illusion neckline adorned with rosettes and scattered crystal hand-beading delicately conceals the subtly scooped neckline underneath. Diamond tulle throughout the dropped waist bodice’s layers of lace and tulle; back corset. Lace down the full skirt with a chapel length train. .
Groom’s Suit: rental – tuxedo royale
Jewelry/Rings: rosanna’s wedding band is from tiffany, will’s wedding band is from the diamond co, both are engraved with our initials
Florist: Wella Lam
Hair & Make-up done: Bridal Secretary
Wedding Cake: iDo Wedding Cakes!
Entertainment: Kooltempo DJ
Bride’s Shoes: Kate Spade wedges from David’s Shoes


Ellen & Michael & Arden make it official!

Congratulations to Ellen and Michael on their wedding June 27, 2015! Michael is a good friend of Rebecca & Chris who we shot a few years back. Ellen and Michael have the cutest little boy named Arden who did such an awesome job the whole day. Michael is an artist so it was perfectly fitting that they were married at the Alton Mill Gallery. It was a super RAINY day (the theme of this year’s wedding season), but that did not stop the outdoor BBQ or any of the awesome festivities. It’s obvious how much Ellen, Michael & Arden love each other and we are so thrilled that we could capture this family on such an important day.

EllenMichael EllenMichael2 EllenMichael3 EllenMichael4 EllenMichael5 EllenMichael6 EllenMichael7 EllenMichael8 EllenMichael9 EllenMichael10 EllenMichael11 EllenMichael12 EllenMichael13 EllenMichael14 EllenMichael15 EllenMichael16 EllenMichael17 EllenMichael18 EllenMichael19 EllenMichael20 EllenMichael21 EllenMichael22 EllenMichael23 EllenMichael24 EllenMichael25 EllenMichael26 EllenMichael27 EllenMichael28 EllenMichael29 EllenMichael30 EllenMichael31 EllenMichael32 EllenMichael33 EllenMichael34 EllenMichael35 EllenMichael36 EllenMichael37 EllenMichael38 EllenMichael39 EllenMichael40 EllenMichael41 EllenMichael42 EllenMichael43

Photo: Little Blue Lemon Photography & Cinematography
Venue: Alton Mill


Vimmy & Ram – Incredible Wedding Day Two!

So here’s the continuation of Vimmy & Ram’s wedding on June 21st. We went to bed on June 20th looking forward to waking up to these two again :) It was actually Vimmy & Ram’s 4th day of wedding celebrations – the grand finale of the wedding celebrations. We started with the girls getting ready before the reveal at the house. It was a beautiful first look with bridesmaids and groomsmen peeking in the doorway. We then headed out to the Humber Arboretum for family photos, wedding party photos and romantic photos. Then the celebrations and party really began at Moonlight Convention Centre – complete with performances, drums and lots of dancing :) Congratulations again to Vimmy & Ram.

VimmyRamJune21 VimmyRamJune212 VimmyRamJune213 VimmyRamJune214 VimmyRamJune215 VimmyRamJune216 VimmyRamJune217 VimmyRamJune218 VimmyRamJune219 VimmyRamJune2110 VimmyRamJune2111 VimmyRamJune2112 VimmyRamJune2113 VimmyRamJune2114 VimmyRamJune2115 VimmyRamJune2116 VimmyRamJune2117 VimmyRamJune2118 VimmyRamJune2119 VimmyRamJune2120 VimmyRamJune2121 VimmyRamJune2122 VimmyRamJune2123 VimmyRamJune2124 VimmyRamJune2125 VimmyRamJune2126 VimmyRamJune2127 VimmyRamJune2128 VimmyRamJune2129 VimmyRamJune2130 VimmyRamJune2131 VimmyRamJune2132 VimmyRamJune2133 VimmyRamJune2134
Photo & Cinema: Little Blue Lemon
Photo Location: Humber Arboretum
Venue: Moonlight Convention Centre

Congratulations Vimmy & Ram – Wedding Day Part One!

What an incredible TWO day wedding Vimmy & Ram had on June 20 and 21st, 2015. We had the pleasure of shooting these two beautiful people on both days and man oh man – what a party! We started in Kitchener capturing Vimmy getting ready with the girls before heading to the Temple for the ceremony. Once the they were married and lunch complete, we headed to Rouge Hill Park for the romantics. Check out the sneak peek of day 1 below. Stay tuned for part 2 (on its way) :)

Vimmy & Ram June20 VimmyRamJune202 VimmyRamJune203 VimmyRamJune204 VimmyRamJune205 VimmyRamJune206 VimmyRamJune207 VimmyRamJune208 VimmyRamJune209 VimmyRamJune2010 VimmyRamJune2011 VimmyRamJune2012 VimmyRamJune2013 VimmyRamJune2014 VimmyRamJune2015 VimmyRamJune2016 VimmyRamJune2017 VimmyRamJune2018 VimmyRamJune2019 VimmyRamJune2020 VimmyRamJune2021 VimmyRamJune2022 VimmyRamJune2023 VimmyRamJune2024 VimmyRamJune2025 VimmyRamJune2026 VimmyRamJune2027 VimmyRamJune2028 VimmyRamJune2029 VimmyRamJune2030 VimmyRamJune2031

Photo Location: Rouge Hill Park
Ceremony: Hindu Heritage Centre
Photo & Cinema: Little Blue Lemon


Margot and Alex are Married!

Congratulations to Margot & Alex who were married June 14, 2015 at Sunnybrook Estates Pavilion. Let’s not kid ourselves, it was one rainy day – that seems to be the theme this spring/summer BUT that didn’t stop anyone from having a fabulous day and capturing amazing memories. Lucky for us, the rain stopped just in time for the romantics and family photos which allowed us to really work the grounds. Sunnybrook has some beautiful spots and we took advantage of all of them :) We had the pleasure of working with Alexandra from Blush + Bowties who did an incredible job keeping everything on track and beautiful. Check out the sneak peek below.

MargotAlex MargotAlex2 MargotAlex3 MargotAlex4 MargotAlex5 MargotAlex6 MargotAlex7 MargotAlex8 MargotAlex9 MargotAlex10 MargotAlex11 MargotAlex12 MargotAlex13 MargotAlex14 MargotAlex15 MargotAlex16 MargotAlex17 MargotAlex18 MargotAlex19 MargotAlex20 MargotAlex21 MargotAlex22 MargotAlex23 MargotAlex24 MargotAlex25 MargotAlex26 MargotAlex27 MargotAlex29 MargotAlex30 MargotAlex31 MargotAlex32 MargotAlex33 MargotAlex34 MargotAlex35 MargotAlex36 MargotAlex37 MargotAlex38 MargotAlex39 MargotAlex40 MargotAlex41 MargotAlex42 MargotAlex43 MargotAlex44 MargotAlex45 MargotAlex46 MargotAlex47 MargotAlex48 MargotAlex49
Venue: Sunnybrook Estates Pavilion
Photo & Cinema: Little Blue Lemon
Wedding Planner: Alexandra from Blush + Bowties
Catering: Food Dudes

Tina & Shayan are married!

Congratulations to Tina and Shayan on such a fabulous wedding! We enjoyed every moment we spent with these two. We had the pleasure of shooting both photo and cinema and the results are stunning. Tina and Shayan were married on May 31, 2015. Everything took place between the hotel and Ajax Convention Centre. The weather held out for the most part but let’s be honest, we have had a TON of rain this spring. Nothing stopped this wonderful couple and bridal party though! What an incredible day.
Check out the sneak peek below.

TinaShayan TinaShayan2 TinaShayan3 TinaShayan4 TinaShayan6 TinaShayan7 TinaShayan8 TinaShayan9 TinaShayan10 TinaShayan11 TinaShayan12 TinaShayan13 TinaShayan14 TinaShayan15 TinaShayan16 TinaShayan17 TinaShayan18 TinaShayan19 TinaShayan20 TinaShayan21 TinaShayan22 TinaShayan23 TinaShayan24 TinaShayan25 TinaShayan26 TinaShayan27 TinaShayan28 TinaShayan29 TinaShayan30 TinaShayan31 TinaShayan32 TinaShayan33 TinaShayan34 TinaShayan35 TinaShayan36
Venue: Ajax Convention Centre
Photo & Cinema: Little Blue Lemon
Wedding dress: David’s Bridal
Style of your wedding dress: Strapless Taffeta high low ruffle skirt gown
Jewelry/Rings: Diamonds company
Décor/Linens: Annie Lane Events & Decor
Florist: The Rose Garden Place
Hair & Make-up done: Hari & Spa in Motion
Wedding Cake: Mitchel’s Cakes
Entertainment: DJ Payam
Shoes: Aldo/Nine West

Thanks for the amazing review Tina and Shayan!

TinaShayan Review

Boudoir Boudoir Boudoir!

Come on ladies! What better time to do a boudoir shoot than right before your wedding! Let’s be honest – before the wedding we all tend to be a size or two smaller, undoubtedly because of all the running around, stress and planning that has to happen to throw such an amazing party. So why not milk it for all its worth. Book that boudoir shoot and give it to your fabulous fiance – what better gift can you give your man than sexy shots of his favorite gal! Let us be the ones to capture his reaction when he opens that amazing gift and think of how much you both will cherish that shoot. We don’t have to have perfect bodies to celebrate who we are as women and capture our beauty through photographs. And don’t worry, the shoot will be “Only Women Allowed” haha … from makeup to photos, we promise you will feel GORGEOUS! Get in touch with us to book a boudoir shoot – we promise, you won’t regret it!


Saifa & Steven’s Amazing Wedding Day!

Saifa & Steven were married on June 6, 2015. We had the most fabulous weather and amazing locations. We started with Saifa getting ready in the morning before heading to Timothy Eaton Church on St. Clair (gorgeous spot!). We had the pleasure of shooting all the family and wedding party there before heading out for a costume change and second ceremony at the Ismaili Janatkana Mosque. We did a second set of family photos during the luncheon and then headed to one of our favorite spots, Guildwood Park, for the final romantic and wedding party photoshoot. It was a glorious day and we couldn’t have asked for nicer folks to spend it with :)

SaifaSteven SaifaSteven2 SaifaSteven3 SaifaSteven4 SaifaSteven5 SaifaSteven6 SaifaSteven7 SaifaSteven8 SaifaSteven9 SaifaSteven10 SaifaSteven11 SaifaSteven12 SaifaSteven13 SaifaSteven14 SaifaSteven15 SaifaSteven16 SaifaSteven17 SaifaSteven18 SaifaSteven19 SaifaSteven20 SaifaSteven21 SaifaSteven22 SaifaSteven23 SaifaSteven24 SaifaSteven25 SaifaSteven26 SaifaSteven27 SaifaSteven28 SaifaSteven29 SaifaSteven30 SaifaSteven32 SaifaSteven33 SaifaSteven34 SaifaSteven35 SaifaSteven36

Ceremony: Timothy Eaton Church
Mosque: Ismaili Janatkana
Photo Location: Guildwood Park
Photo: Little Blue Lemon

Heather and Mark are featured on The Wedding Co. blog!

Check out the awesome feature The Wedding Co. published on Heather & Mark’s wedding from this past April 18th! Love seeing our coulple’s being featured :) Very cool.
Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 9.52.15 AM