Christine & Ryan are married!

Congratulations Christine & Ryan who were married Aug 7, 2015. We had the pleasure of shooting their wedding photography as well as providing the super awesome slomotion video booth. 

Christine and Ryan are two of the bubbliest and cutest couples we’ve met. Always smiling, giggling and it was completely obvious how in love these two are. These two were an absolute pleasure to hang out with and we are so glad that we were the ones to capture this momentous day. Congratulations Christine and Ryan!

Christine & Ryan ChristineRyan2 ChristineRyan3 ChristineRyan4 ChristineRyan5 ChristineRyan6 ChristineRyan7 ChristineRyan8 ChristineRyan9 ChristineRyan10 ChristineRyan11 ChristineRyan12 ChristineRyan13 ChristineRyan14 ChristineRyan15 ChristineRyan16 ChristineRyan17 ChristineRyan18 ChristineRyan19 ChristineRyan20 ChristineRyan21 ChristineRyan22 ChristineRyan23 ChristineRyan24 ChristineRyan25 ChristineRyan26 ChristineRyan27 ChristineRyan28 ChristineRyan29 ChristineRyan30 ChristineRyan31 ChristineRyan32 ChristineRyan33 ChristineRyan34 ChristineRyan35 ChristineRyan36 ChristineRyan37 ChristineRyan38 ChristineRyan39 ChristineRyan40 ChristineRyan41 ChristineRyan42 ChristineRyan43

Photo: Little Blue Lemon Photography & Cinematography
Slow Motion Booth: Little Blue Lemon Photography & Cinematography
Venue: Eglinton Grand


Slow Motion Rocks!

We are HUGE fans of funny… and there is nothing more entertaining than a Slow Motion Video Booth at our weddings. We can’t express how much folks ADORE the booth – and they just keep coming in for more. Not only because its fun, but because its absolutely hilarious to watch what has just happened in Slow Motion. Christine & Ryan’s wedding was incredible and this slow motion film of them, their families and guests just shows how much fun it absolutely was!

Christine and Ryan Slow Motion Wedding Aug. 7 2015 from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.

Susan & John – A family Affair

We had the absolute pleasure of capturing Susan and John’s Toronto City Hall wedding on July 25, 2015. Coming to Toronto with their two young daughters, all the way from The Unitied Arab Emirates, to be married amongst their closest family and friends. We started at City Hall in the morning just before the ceremony. We weren’t too sure how the weather would hold out, so we decided to do the majority of family photos at City Hall before heading for a lunch break for the kids. We then took Susan and John to Markham Museum to do romantic photos and take advantage of the rail tracks, barn board and green space. Once completed, we headed to the fabulous restaurant Auberge au Pommier for the reception. It was a glorious day filled with children, love and laughter. Congratulations Susan and John!

Susan & John SusanJohn2 SusanJohn3 SusanJohn4 SusanJohn5 SusanJohn6 SusanJohn7 SusanJohn8 SusanJohn9 SusanJohn10 SusanJohn11 SusanJohn12 SusanJohn13 SusanJohn14 SusanJohn15 SusanJohn16 SusanJohn17 SusanJohn18 SusanJohn19 SusanJohn20 SusanJohn21 SusanJohn22 SusanJohn23 SusanJohn24 SusanJohn25 SusanJohn26 SusanJohn27 SusanJohn28 SusanJohn29 SusanJohn30 SusanJohn31 SusanJohn32 SusanJohn33

Photography: Blue Birdie Studio | A Division of Little Blue Lemon
Ceremony: Toronto City Hall
Photo Location: Markham Museum
Venue: Auberge au Pommier

Kids Rock!

We LOVE kids. Having two little boys of our own, 2 and 4, we know how awesome little ones are and how quickly they change and grow. Susan and John included their kids from the beginning of their wedding to the end and we love how these photos are going to be cherished, not only because it’s a wedding but because their kids are part of it. Check out one of our faves from Susan and John’s wedding in July and stay tuned for the full sneak peek coming soon.


Ashley & Carmine’s Incredible Royal Ambassador Wedding

Ashley and Carmine were married on Aug 1, 2015 at the Royal Ambassador. It was a glorious day: warm, sunny and perfect for an outdoor ceremony by the water. We started the day shooting the guys getting ready at Carmine’s house. We then headed to the Royal Ambassador to capture Ashley  and the girls before the ceremony. Even though things didn’t exactly run on schedule, the day was perfect non-the-less – nothing was missed and no one felt pressed for time. The Royal Ambassador has fantastic grounds for photos and we used everything it had to offer. It was a spectacular day – congratulations Ashley and Carmine!

Ashley & Carmine AshleyCarmine2 AshleyCarmine3 AshleyCarmine4 AshleyCarmine5 AshleyCarmine6 AshleyCarmine7 AshleyCarmine8 AshleyCarmine9 AshleyCarmine10 AshleyCarmine11 AshleyCarmine12 AshleyCarmine13 AshleyCarmine14 AshleyCarmine15 AshleyCarmine16 AshleyCarmine17 AshleyCarmine18 AshleyCarmine19 AshleyCarmine20 AshleyCarmine21 AshleyCarmine22 AshleyCarmine23 AshleyCarmine24 AshleyCarmine25 AshleyCarmine26 AshleyCarmine27 AshleyCarmine28 AshleyCarmine29 AshleyCarmine30 AshleyCarmine31 AshleyCarmine32 AshleyCarmine33 AshleyCarmine34 AshleyCarmine35

Venue: Royal Ambassador
Photo: Little Blue Lemon


A Spectacular Palais Royale Wedding

Congratulations Tanya & Jason who were married July 11, 2015. The moment we arrived at Jason’s, we knew that this was going to be an awesome day. After an hour of being silly with the boys we arrived at Tanya’s and it was just perfection! Stunning bride, dress, shoes – WOW! The ceremony took place at St. Helen’s Church followed by lunch and a stop at the 7-11 for SLURPIES! We then headed to Polson Pier for some city scape romantics followed by Palais Royale for the incredible reception. It was an incredible party with amazing folks! We are so happy with the results – Check out the sneak peek!

TanyaJason TanyaJason2 TanyaJason3 TanyaJason4 TanyaJason5 TanyaJason6 TanyaJason7 TanyaJason8 TanyaJason9 TanyaJason10 TanyaJason11 TanyaJason12 TanyaJason13 TanyaJason14 TanyaJason15 TanyaJason16 TanyaJason17 TanyaJason18 TanyaJason19 TanyaJason20 TanyaJason21 TanyaJason22 TanyaJason23 TanyaJason24 TanyaJason25 TanyaJason26 TanyaJason27 TanyaJason28 TanyaJason29 TanyaJason30 TanyaJason31 TanyaJason32 TanyaJason33 TanyaJason34 TanyaJason35 TanyaJason36 TanyaJason37 TanyaJason38 TanyaJason39 TanyaJason40 TanyaJason41 TanyaJason42 TanyaJason43 TanyaJason44 TanyaJason45 TanyaJason46

Photography: Little Blue Lemon Photo & Cinema
Venue: Palais Royale
Wedding dress: Jolie Bridal
Wedding dress designer: morri lee
Style of your wedding dress: Princess
Bridal Shoes: Nordstrom – Badgley Mishka
Jewelry/Rings: Corona Jewlers
Décor/Linens:  European Elegance
Florist: European Elegance
Hair & Make-up done: Lusg Bridals
Invitations/Stationery: Esco Invitatons
Wedding Cake: Fabulous Cakes
Entertainment: DJ Emporium

Blog Blog Blog!

We love submitting our stellar couples to various wedding blogs to show off how absolutely awesome they are. Lia and Adam are no exception and we are thrilled that they will be featured on various blogs in the next few weeks! So excited :)
Here’s the first of many blog posts for these two love birds! Check it out by clicking on the image below.

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 11.32.00 PM

And… because of them, we are now 5star approved!


Rosanna & Will – A day full of celebration

Congratulations to Rosanna and Will who were married July 4, 2015 at the Westin Prince Hotel in Toronto. Their wedding was exactly 2 years from the date of their engagement – how awesome is that! From getting ready in the morning to groom games, dress changes, reveals, and romantics, these two were all smiles all day! A stunning wedding through and through!












































Venue: Westin Prince Hotel
Photography: Little Blue Lemon
Cinematography: Little Blue Lemon
Wedding Dress: Avenue 22
Designer: Sophia Tolli
Style of your wedding dress: Strapless a line wedding dress with chapel train, in misty tulle and lace. Tulle illusion neckline adorned with rosettes and scattered crystal hand-beading delicately conceals the subtly scooped neckline underneath. Diamond tulle throughout the dropped waist bodice’s layers of lace and tulle; back corset. Lace down the full skirt with a chapel length train. .
Groom’s Suit: rental – tuxedo royale
Jewelry/Rings: rosanna’s wedding band is from tiffany, will’s wedding band is from the diamond co, both are engraved with our initials
Florist: Wella Lam
Hair & Make-up done: Bridal Secretary
Wedding Cake: iDo Wedding Cakes!
Entertainment: Kooltempo DJ
Bride’s Shoes: Kate Spade wedges from David’s Shoes

Ellen & Michael & Arden make it official!

Congratulations to Ellen and Michael on their wedding June 27, 2015! Michael is a good friend of Rebecca & Chris who we shot a few years back. Ellen and Michael have the cutest little boy named Arden who did such an awesome job the whole day. Michael is an artist so it was perfectly fitting that they were married at the Alton Mill Gallery. It was a super RAINY day (the theme of this year’s wedding season), but that did not stop the outdoor BBQ or any of the awesome festivities. It’s obvious how much Ellen, Michael & Arden love each other and we are so thrilled that we could capture this family on such an important day.

EllenMichael EllenMichael2 EllenMichael3 EllenMichael4 EllenMichael5 EllenMichael6 EllenMichael7 EllenMichael8 EllenMichael9 EllenMichael10 EllenMichael11 EllenMichael12 EllenMichael13 EllenMichael14 EllenMichael15 EllenMichael16 EllenMichael17 EllenMichael18 EllenMichael19 EllenMichael20 EllenMichael21 EllenMichael22 EllenMichael23 EllenMichael24 EllenMichael25 EllenMichael26 EllenMichael27 EllenMichael28 EllenMichael29 EllenMichael30 EllenMichael31 EllenMichael32 EllenMichael33 EllenMichael34 EllenMichael35 EllenMichael36 EllenMichael37 EllenMichael38 EllenMichael39 EllenMichael40 EllenMichael41 EllenMichael42 EllenMichael43

Photo: Little Blue Lemon Photography & Cinematography
Venue: Alton Mill


Vimmy & Ram – Incredible Wedding Day Two!

So here’s the continuation of Vimmy & Ram’s wedding on June 21st. We went to bed on June 20th looking forward to waking up to these two again :) It was actually Vimmy & Ram’s 4th day of wedding celebrations – the grand finale of the wedding celebrations. We started with the girls getting ready before the reveal at the house. It was a beautiful first look with bridesmaids and groomsmen peeking in the doorway. We then headed out to the Humber Arboretum for family photos, wedding party photos and romantic photos. Then the celebrations and party really began at Moonlight Convention Centre – complete with performances, drums and lots of dancing :) Congratulations again to Vimmy & Ram.

VimmyRamJune21 VimmyRamJune212 VimmyRamJune213 VimmyRamJune214 VimmyRamJune215 VimmyRamJune216 VimmyRamJune217 VimmyRamJune218 VimmyRamJune219 VimmyRamJune2110 VimmyRamJune2111 VimmyRamJune2112 VimmyRamJune2113 VimmyRamJune2114 VimmyRamJune2115 VimmyRamJune2116 VimmyRamJune2117 VimmyRamJune2118 VimmyRamJune2119 VimmyRamJune2120 VimmyRamJune2121 VimmyRamJune2122 VimmyRamJune2123 VimmyRamJune2124 VimmyRamJune2125 VimmyRamJune2126 VimmyRamJune2127 VimmyRamJune2128 VimmyRamJune2129 VimmyRamJune2130 VimmyRamJune2131 VimmyRamJune2132 VimmyRamJune2133 VimmyRamJune2134
Photo & Cinema: Little Blue Lemon
Photo Location: Humber Arboretum
Venue: Moonlight Convention Centre