Congratulations Amanda & Mike!

We had the pleasure of shooting Amanda and Mike on March 21, 2015 and it was incredible. Beautiful familiar faces and despite it being a little chilly, we had no issues shooting outdoors and taking advantage of HUGE tractors and cool classic cars! Beautiful people – we were honored that we were the ones chosen to capture their day.

Amanda & Mike Wedding AmandaMike2 AmandaMike3 AmandaMike4 AmandaMike5 AmandaMike6 AmandaMike7 AmandaMike8 AmandaMike9 AmandaMike10 AmandaMike11 AmandaMike12 AmandaMike13 AmandaMike14 AmandaMike15 AmandaMike16 AmandaMike17 AmandaMike18 AmandaMike19 AmandaMike20 AmandaMike21 AmandaMike22 AmandaMike23 AmandaMike24 AmandaMike25 AmandaMike26 AmandaMike27 AmandaMike28 AmandaMike29 AmandaMike30 AmandaMike32 AmandaMike33 AmandaMike34 AmandaMike35 AmandaMike36 AmandaMike37 AmandaMike38 AmandaMike39 AmandaMike40 AmandaMike41 AmandaMike42

Wedding Dress: Davids bridal, Hamilton
Groom’s Suit: Moores
Kilt: Scottish Loft in Niagara on the lake
Wedding rings : custom made at classic jewelers in Burlington.
Engagement Ring: spence diamonds
Brides necklace: swavorski Burlington
Décor/Linens: Marquis Gardens
Venue: Marquis Gardens
Florist: Jean’s flower shop
Wedding Cake:Michelle Mataitis
Entertainment: DJ Chris Gordon
Shoes: Nike store, leathers hamilton


Danielle & Jeff Are Married!

Congratulations Danielle & Jeff who were married March 14, 2015! It was a fabulous affair full of theatre and music! Wow, everyone who attended knew how to sing, play an instrument or just full out entertain. We couldn’t believe the artistry at this wedding! Check out their sneak peek and stay tuned for the full predesign complete with Jeff playing Guitar and Danielle Piano!
Danielle & Jeff



































Photographer: Little Blue Lemon
Photo Venue: Evergreen Brickworks
Ceremony & Reception: The Capitol

Laura & Eddy’s Same Day Slideshow

We had the pleasure of shooting Laura and Eddy’s wedding this past weekend. We created a same day photo slideshow for display during desert at the Manor. It’s such a special way to share the beautiful moments captured throughout the day, those moments that guests don’t have the pleasure of witnessing first hand. So much emotion and joy! Check out what we shared with the Bride & Groom and their guests.

Laura & Eddy Same Day Slideshow from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.

Slow Motion in Action!

In addition to the awesome time we had shooting photos for Mabel and Jeff, we also had the pleasure of doing their Slow Motion Video Booth. Let’s just say, it was a HIT! Everyone got involved, it was non-stop laughs and ridiculousness! Enjoy every moment of this epic video ;)


Mabel and Jeff – Slow Motion Wedding Final Cut 2.0 from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.

Mabel & Jeff’s Valentine Wedding

Mabel and Jeff were married Feb 14, 2015. Perfectly fitting considering they started dating on Valentines Day :) We couldn’t have asked for a better wedding to start off the 2015 season. It was non stop fun from the moment we arrived at the Sheraton Center downtown Toronto. Everyone was full of laughs and up for anything and everything we suggested… including staging a falling down the stairs shot (still laughing). We had so much trouble narrowing down what to put in their sneak peek as there was just SOOOO MANY amazing shots to choose from. Check out the sneak peek below and stay tuned for the SLOW MOTION video to be posted shortly.

Mabel & Jeff MabelJeff2 MabelJeff3 MabelJeff4 MabelJeff5 MabelJeff6 MabelJeff7 MabelJeff8 MabelJeff9 MabelJeff10 MabelJeff11 MabelJeff12 MabelJeff13 MabelJeff14 MabelJeff15 MabelJeff16 MabelJeff17 MabelJeff18 MabelJeff19 MabelJeff20 MabelJeff21 MabelJeff22 MabelJeff23 MabelJeff24 MabelJeff25 MabelJeff26 MabelJeff27 MabelJeff28 MabelJeff29 MabelJeff30 MabelJeff31 MabelJeff32 MabelJeff33 MabelJeff34 MabelJeff35 MabelJeff36 MabelJeff37 MabelJeff38 MabelJeff39 MabelJeff40 MabelJeff41 MabelJeff42 MabelJeff43 MabelJeff44
Venue: Arcadian Court
Photo: Little Blue Lemon
Slow Motion Video Booth: Little Blue Lemon
Wedding Dress: Jolie Bridal
Dress designer: Angelina Faccenda Couture by Mori Lee
Style: Fit n Flare
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik from Holt Renfrew
Groom’s suit from (rental or custom): Rental from Tuxedo Royale
Jewelry/Rings: Rose Jewellery
Décor/Linens: O.M.G. Events
Florist: O.M.G. Events
Hair & Make-up done: Hair by Lindsay McClelland and makeup by Joan Antonio
Invitations/Stationery: Papertalk Press
Wedding Cake is by: I Do! Wedding Cakes
Entertainment: DJ J-Presto

Who needs monsters when you have high heels and a steep staircase to master!

Let’s be honest… we have all thought it, dreamt it, worried about it, and even experienced anxiety about it! Our worst nightmare: to fall at a moment when we are all dressed up, trying to be pretty, sexy, elegant, handsome. That moment when it all comes crashing down, literally.

Mabel and Jeff wanted to create something silly and over the top for their wedding party photos. They loved the chase shot we did with the AT-AT’s and wanted something fun along those lines. We didn’t want to just repeat another chase shot, its been done and we are all for pushing the envelope creatively. When we saw the staircase at Arcadian Court, an idea was born. We knew, we had to do something crazy and funny with those stairs … and then it hit us. Let’s get slapstick about it! Let’s have the the whole bridal party falling down the stairs – let’s make it over the top.  You don’t need a monster chasing you when you’ve got high heels and a steep staircase to master :) We pitched the idea to Mabel and she LOVED it! So face first, down the stairs we positioned her over top of Jeff, screaming as if they had tripped over one another. The bridal party sold it with their facial expressions and attempts to save the bride.

What an epic way to start off the 2015 creative year. We hope we brought a little giggle to your day.

PS … and don’t worry Moms and Dads – we got plenty of romantic and traditional shots as well :)


Anna & Rob’s Winter Wedding

Anna & Rob were married Dec 6, 2014 at St. Charles Borromeo with the reception continuing at The Venetian in Woodbridge. It was a chilly day but the light was perfect and we had the beautiful Kleinburg Village as our backdrop. We then headed to the Novotel in Vaughan to warm up and take advantage of their cool chandelier and wall paper for a few final romantic photos before traveling to the Venetian for a Rockin’ Good Time! :) Check out their stunning wedding below!

Anna & Rob AnnaRob2 AnnaRob3 AnnaRob4 AnnaRob5 AnnaRob6 AnnaRob7 AnnaRob8 AnnaRob9 AnnaRob10 AnnaRob11 AnnaRob12 AnnaRob13 AnnaRob14 AnnaRob15 AnnaRob16 AnnaRob17 AnnaRob18 AnnaRob19 AnnaRob20 AnnaRob21 AnnaRob22 AnnaRob23 AnnaRob24 AnnaRob25 AnnaRob26 AnnaRob27 AnnaRob28 AnnaRob29 AnnaRob30 AnnaRob31 AnnaRob32 AnnaRob33 AnnaRob34 AnnaRob35 AnnaRob36 AnnaRob37

Venue: Venetian
Photography: Little Blue Lemon
Wedding dress: Amandalinas
Designer: Roz La Kelin
Style: Fitted/Mermaid Style
Shoes: Badgley Mischka
Groom’s suit from (rental or custom): Custom Made Suit from P. Elliot Custom Clothiers
Ushers Suits: Tuxedo Royale
Jewelry/Rings: Gente Jewellery
Décor/Linens: Rias Designs
Florist: Rias Designs
& Make-up done: Hair done by Marco from M Squared Salon/Make-Up done by Daniela from Creations of Beauty
Invitations/Stationery: The Invitation Place
Cake: I DO Wedding Cakes
Entertainment: Digital Entertainment

Ladies and Gentlemen…. introducing Jenna & Adam!

We had the absolute pleasure of shooting Jenna & Adam on Nov 28, 2014. We absolutely fell in love with these two from the moment we met. We knew we were meant to be the moment we realized how silly they are and how much they LOVE “Dumb and Dumber.” Check out their beautiful wedding below

JennaAdam JennaAdam2 JennaAdam3 JennaAdam4 JennaAdam5 JennaAdam6 JennaAdam7 JennaAdam8 JennaAdam9 JennaAdam10 JennaAdam11 JennaAdam12 JennaAdam13 JennaAdam14 JennaAdam15 JennaAdam16 JennaAdam17 JennaAdam18 JennaAdam19 JennaAdam20 JennaAdam21 JennaAdam22 JennaAdam23 JennaAdam24 JennaAdam25 JennaAdam26 JennaAdam27 JennaAdam28 JennaAdam29 JennaAdam30 JennaAdam31 JennaAdam32 JennaAdam33 JennaAdam34 JennaAdam35 JennaAdam36 JennaAdam37 JennaAdam38 JennaAdam39 JennaAdam40 JennaAdam41 JennaAdam42 JennaAdam43

Venue: Eglinton Grand
Photography & Cinematography: Little Blue Lemon
Wedding Dress:  Michelle My Belle
Dress Designer: Casablanca
Style: Trumpet
Groom Suit: Tuxedo Royale
Florist: Fiori Oakville
Hair & Make-up: Pretty Me Makeup and Hair by Jennifer Faranto
Invitations/Stationery: LetterBoxInc.
Wedding Cake: Beyond the Batter
Entertainment: Impact DJ / Picture X Digital Photo Booth
Bridal Shoes: Nine West



Movie Star Wedding

We are in the process of finishing the images from Jenna & Adam’s wedding Nov 28, 2014 at the Eglinton Grand in Toronto… We just couldn’t resist posting this fabulous photo – Totally LOVING the movie star lights :)

Jenna & Adam