Jen & Tom’s Casa Loma Wedding

Jen & Tom were married Aug 30, 2014. It was an incredible day! We started with the bride at her parents gorgeous home in Stouffvile and then headed down to Casa Loma for the reveal, photos, ceremony and reception. We had perfect weather and the castle was the perfect backdrop for Jen & Tom’s wedding. Check out the traditional style album design below.


JenTomPREvim from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.


Christina & Matthew – Incredible People, Incredible Wedding!

We had the pleasure of shooting both Christina & Matthew’s engagement shoot as well as their wedding. We knew right away when shooting their engagement shoot in a bowling alley that these two were our type of people… and boy were we right! Awesome from the start, we were loved every minute of shooting their wedding. Everything took place at Hockley Valley on Sept 27, 2014.
Christina & Matthew SneakPeek2 SneakPeek3 SneakPeek4 SneakPeek5 SneakPeek6 SneakPeek7 SneakPeek8 SneakPeek9 SneakPeek10 SneakPeek11 SneakPeek12 SneakPeek13 SneakPeek14 SneakPeek15 SneakPeek16 SneakPeek17 SneakPeek18 SneakPeek19 SneakPeek20 SneakPeek21 SneakPeek22 SneakPeek23 SneakPeek24 SneakPeek25 SneakPeek26 SneakPeek27 SneakPeek28 SneakPeek29 SneakPeek30 SneakPeek31 SneakPeek32

Melissa & Logan’s Wedding Album

You want heartfelt? You want quirky? You want fun? Then you want to see Melissa and Logan’s wedding album. What an incredible day. So hilarious. So warm. Everyone got ready at the Roehampton and then headed over to The Eglinton Grand for photos, ceremony and killer reception. Melissa and Logan really knew how to devote their budget….great music…great food…and great photos! Check out the album below.

Melissa & Logan’s Wedding Album from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.

Artistic Wedding Portrait

Totally in love with this artistic wedding photo from Christina & Matthew’s wedding on Sept 27, 2014. Of course, we captured amazing moments, candid moments and beautiful wedding portraits but there’s something to be said about capturing something a little more artistic; an image that looks like a painting; something a little more subtle that could pass as beautiful art if printed on canvas and hung in a living room, dining room or bedroom. Totally in love with this!!!



Congratulations Kim & Matt – Stunning!

Kim and Matt were married Sept 20, 2014 at the Greystone Golf Course. We had the pleasure of shooting their engagement shoot a few months before, so we were all smiles and giggles from the moment we arrived. It was a beautiful and windy day, just the right temperature for everyone. The ceremony backdrop was absolutely gorgeous – the sun was hitting just right and the leaves were beginning to change. We used every inch of this golf course and the photos turned out fabulous if we don’t say so ourselves. There were so many more – but we had to try to narrow it down to our faves.

KimMattSneak KimMattSneak2 KimMattSneak3 KimMattSneak4 KimMattSneak5 KimMattSneak6 KimMattSneak7 KimMattSneak8 KimMattSneak9 KimMattSneak10 KimMattSneak11 KimMattSneak12 KimMattSneak13 KimMattSneak14 KimMattSneak15 KimMattSneak16 KimMattSneak17 KimMattSneak18 KimMattSneak19 KimMattSneak20 KimMattSneak21 KimMattSneak22 KimMattSneak23 KimMattSneak24 KimMattSneak25 KimMattSneak26 KimMattSneak27 KimMattSneak28 KimMattSneak29 KimMattSneak30 KimMattSneak31 KimMattSneak32 KimMattSneak33 KimMattSneak34 KimMattSneak35 KimMattSneak36 KimMattSneak37 KimMattSneak38 KimMattSneak39 KimMattSneak40

Venue: Greystone Golf Course
Photography: Little Blue Lemon

Laura & Preston: We’re Not Lion :-)…Awesome Wedding

Boy did we have a blast with this wedding. Laura & Preston got picture perfect weather bathing these two all day. In typical Chinese wedding fashion, we really couldn’t stop laughing at the torturous “groom games” and seeing Laura try to say “I love you” with a mouth full of marshmallows…well that’s worth the price of admission alone! Do check out the album here…and their Highlight Video below shot by the super talented Mario. Such a beautiful compliment to each other! Did someone say Lion Dance! Totally love watching those!


Laura & Preston Wedding Album from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.

Highlight Film

Laura & Preston Wedding from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.

Kristin & James Super Awesome Wedding

Kristin and James were married at Steam Whistle Brewery on Sept 19, 2014. From the moment we did their “Awkward Family Photo” engagement shoot, we just knew that these were our type of people. Fun to be around, willing to do anything and everything, and always laughing, their wedding was nothing short of incredible. Check out the sneak peek below and scroll to the bottom to watch the behind the scenes of their AWKWARD Family engagement shoot – a FAUX history of really BAD photos! (done on purpose – promise!)

KristinJames KristinJames2 KristinJames3 KristinJames4 KristinJames5 KristinJames6 KristinJames7 KristinJames8 KristinJames9 KristinJames10 KristinJames11 KristinJames12 KristinJames13 KristinJames14 KristinJames15 KristinJames16 KristinJames17 KristinJames18 KristinJames19 KristinJames20 KristinJames21 KristinJames22 KristinJames23 KristinJames24 KristinJames25 KristinJames26 KristinJames27 KristinJames28 KristinJames29 KristinJames30 KristinJames31 KristinJames32

Kristin & James from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.

Steam Whistle

Little Blue Lemon

Daniel Et Daniel

Where did you get your wedding dress?:
Jolie Bridal

Style of your wedding dress?:
Fit and Flare

Where is the Groom’s suit from (rental or custom):
Not Rental. Designer: Paul Smith

Where are the ushers suits from:
Rental: Moores Designer: Vera Wang

Where did you get your Décor/Linens:
Provided by caterer

Who is your Florist:
Astra Florists

Where did you get your Hair & Make-up done:
Hair: Blushing Beauty

Invitations/Stationery are from?:
Dame and Cavalier

Wedding Cake is by:

Entertainment is?:
DJ: Indie Wedding DJ

Brides Shoes:
Ted Baker London

Grooms Shoes:
Paul Smith