The Beauty and Importance of Family Photo Sessions

We have been photographing weddings in Toronto for some time and the natural extension of wedding photography is family photoshoots. One of the biggest honours as Toronto wedding photographers is when our past clients ask us to capture their growing families over the years. We have many wedding clients who have us capture their family portrait yearly and being able to see their families year after year, grow and change is beautiful. We have always said we have the best job in the world! 

Some families have us photograph their yearly Christmas or Holiday Photo while others have us photograph their maternity shoot, newborn babies, grandparents, birthdays or just document a moment in time. 

Photoshoots with families can happen anytime of year. Many families will choose their favourite season to do outdoor sessions, while others want a family photoshoot in studio or newborn photoshoot in their home. The main thing is we capture your family where it's most convenient for you. 

There are so many families that Little Blue Lemon has become a part of over the years - those families that have had us come back over and over again to document their beautiful lives, birthday parities, events and milestones. 

We believe that family photoshoots should be a mix of portrait photography and candid photography. There is nothing like capturing a laughing child, a candid family portrait or a happy grandparent. Capturing the emotion and essence of a person, child or family is what we love. After all, feeling the love a family shares in photos is one of the most special keepsakes that is cherished for generations.