So What's This Gonna Cost?

So now for the big question - how much is this going to cost? Whether you are looking for photography, cinematography or both, we've got you covered. 

Fill out the contact form, call or email us so that we can get you a quote that fits your wedding needs.

But... because we too HATE waiting for info,  here's our prices, so you get a sense of cost. We customize quotes once we chat so that we make sure you are getting exactly what you need and want

6   hours starting at $2300
8   hours starting at $3100
10 hours starting at $3800
12 hours starting at $4200
14 hours starting at $4550

NEW - 35mm analog FILM PACKAGE

$1200 go "old school" and add film to your photo package for a real, retro look.

$2700 Highlight film
$3200 Highlight and Feature films
$3700 Highlight, Feature and Doc

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