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Little Blue Lemon - One of The Best Wedding Photographers in Toronto

People often ask us where Little Blue Lemon got its name. It is a legitimate question, and the answer is usually - What does it mean to you? Yes, it's quirky and completely laid back, but then again so are the Toronto photographers, videographers and editors who make up the award winning wedding studio.

Meet Danielle (the acrobat), Tony (award winning comedian), Sarah (the bubbliest person you will ever meet), and Lisa (pet loving red head). So why tell you about what we love outside of weddings? Because creativity and inspiration are all around us. We draw from our backgrounds in comedy, entertainment and our love of life to make sure we are capturing your wedding your way. Our team of artists is what makes us one of the top wedding photography and videography studios in Toronto. 

Between all of us, we have photographed and filmed over 1000 weddings - and no... we are not old lol!  You may have heard of us originally, when one of our photos went viral - the Star Wars AT-AT wedding chase - some claiming it was the Worlds Best Wedding Photo. The image was featured on Good Morning America and received praise from Lucasfilm - can you believe it!!! I know we couldn't. 

Little Blue Lemon captures Star Wars AT AT wedding chase photo that went viral around the world.

It just goes to show, that every wedding is completely unique and our job is to make sure we capture who you are as a couple, to tell your story, and help you relive your wedding day over and over when looking at your photos or watching your wedding video. It's no easy task to find a Toronto wedding photographer (there are lots of us), but we hope reading about who we are and what we believe makes it just a bit easier.

If you're looking for commercial, business, event or TV photography, we can help you with that too.

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Meet The Little Blue Lemon Team

Tony Lombardo, Toronto Wedding Photographer at Little Blue Lemon


Sketch Comic

Danielle Lombardo,  Toronto wedding photgrapher & cinematographer at Little Blue Lemon.


Professional Acrobat

Lisa Luanne principal wedding photographer at Little Blue Lemon


Animals' Best Friend

Sarah Faulkner principal wedding photographer at Little Blue Lemon


Miss Giggles

Little Blue Lemon wins Elegant Wedding 2019 Diamond Award badge.
Little Blue Lemon wins The Knot 2019 Best of Weddings Award.

Looking for the Top Wedding Photographers in Toronto?
Read The Reviews

Embarking on the journey to find the best Toronto Wedding Photographer can seem like a formidable task amidst the bustling city's myriad of options. However, the key to simplifying this search lies in the power of genuine, heartfelt reviews. At Little Blue Lemon, we take immense pride in our collection of glowing testimonials, not just on GOOGLE but also on WEDDINGWIRE. These reviews are more than just feedback; they are stories of real experiences, shared moments, and the joyous celebrations of love that we've been privileged to capture through our lenses.

Our commitment to excellence and passion for storytelling through photography has earned us the honour of being considered among the best wedding photographers in Toronto. This isn't a title we take lightly. It's a testament to the trust our couples place in us, allowing us to be a part of their most cherished moments. Each wedding is a new canvas, a fresh opportunity to create something beautiful and everlasting. Our approach is not just about taking pictures; it's about capturing emotions, the unspoken bonds, and the fleeting glances that might otherwise go unnoticed.

As a top Toronto wedding photographer, we understand that your wedding day is a culmination of dreams, meticulous planning, and a deep desire to share your love story with those who matter most. That's why we approach each wedding with a fresh perspective, tailoring our services to reflect your unique style and personality. Whether it's the subtle nuances of your decor, the laughter shared during the speeches, or the tender moments of your first dance, we're there to capture it all with elegance and artistry.

Our portfolio, rich with diverse weddings, speaks volumes of our versatility and adaptability to various themes and settings. From intimate backyard vows to micro weddings, or even opulent celebrations in the city's most prestigious venues, our cameras have chronicled love stories of every scale and style. This versatility is what makes us a preferred choice for those searching for the best wedding photographers in Toronto.

But don't just take our word for it. We encourage you to read our reviews on WEDDINGWIRE and GOOGLE. Read the stories of couples who started their journey just like you, searching for that perfect photographer who could understand and bring their vision to life. Notice the recurring themes in their reviews – the ease with which they felt during their big day, the fun they had during their photo sessions, the professionalism and creativity of our team, and most importantly, the joy they felt upon seeing their wedding day captured so beautifully.

Choosing us as your wedding photographer means you're not just getting a service; you're gaining a team that's as invested in your wedding as you are. It's about creating a relationship where you feel heard, understood, and valued. We believe that the best photographs are born out of a deep understanding and connection between the photographer and the couple. That's why we take the time to get to know you, your story, and your vision for the day.

In a city as vibrant and diverse as Toronto, finding a photographer who can navigate through its multifaceted landscapes while keeping your love story at the core of their work is crucial. Whether you're looking for a photographer who can capture the urban chic of downtown Toronto or the serene elegance of its lush parks and historic sites, we have the experience and the eye to bring your vision to life.

As you continue your search for the Toronto wedding photographer that best suits you - remember to choose someone who can best capture your day, and that the best choice is one that resonates with your style, understands your vision, and makes you feel confident and comfortable throughout your journey. With Little Blue Lemon, you're not just hiring a photographer; you're choosing a partner who will be with you every step of the way, ensuring that every laugh, every tear, and every moment of joy is captured and preserved for a lifetime.

Your wedding photographs are more than just images; they are timeless memories that you will cherish forever. As one of the top Toronto wedding photographers, we are committed to capturing the essence, emotion, and beauty of your special day. We invite you to explore our work, read our reviews, and see for yourself why we are considered among the best wedding photographers in Toronto.

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