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People often ask us where Little Blue Lemon got its name. It is a legitimate question, and the answer is usually - What does it mean to you? Yes, it's quirky and completely laid back, but then again so are the photographers, cinematographers and editors who make up the award winning studio.

Meet Danielle (the acrobat), Tony (award winning comedian), Joe (board game geek), Sarah (the bubbliest person you will ever meet), Lisa (stylist extraordinaire), Scott (sound guru), Ryan (stand up comic) and Ed (lasagna loving cinematographer). So why tell you about what we love outside of weddings? Because creativity and inspiration are all around us. We draw from our backgrounds in comedy, entertainment and our love of life to make sure we are capturing YOUR wedding your way. Our team of artists is what makes us some of the top wedding photographers in Toronto. 

Between all of us, we have photographed and filmed probably over 1000 weddings - and no... we are not old lol!  You may have heard of us originally when one of our photos went viral - the Star Wars AT-AT wedding chase - some claiming it was the Worlds Best Wedding Photo. The image was featured on Good Morning America and received praise from Lucasfilm - can you believe it!!! I know we couldn't. 


It just goes to show, that every wedding is completely unique and our job is to make sure we capture who you are as a couple, to tell your story, and help you relive your wedding day over and over when looking at your photos or watching your cinematic wedding films. It's no easy task to find a wedding photographer, but we hope reading about who we are and what we believe makes it just a bit easier.

If you're looking for commercial photography, we can help you with that. Visit www.lblstudio.com to learn more.

Meet The Team


Sketch Comic


Professional Acrobat


Board Game Geek


Miss Giggles


Lasagna Lover


Animals' Best Friend


Stand Up Comic


Sound Guru

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In addition to our GOOGLE reviews, feel free to read our weddingwire reviews below to see what it's like to work with us. It's these wedding experiences that have led many to consider us as being one of the top wedding photographers in Toronto. 

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