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Capturing Family Love in the Fall: Little Blue Lemon's Fall Family Mini Shoots at Earl Bales Park

A mom and young daughter laughing in the orange fall colours

As the leaves begin to turn vibrant shades of red, orange, and gold, the perfect backdrop for your fall family photoshoot awaits at Earl Bales Park. At Little Blue Lemon, we understand that not everyone has the time for a full-length family photoshoot, or perhaps they are looking for a more budget-friendly option. That's where our Fall Family Mini Shoots come into play. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of opting for a mini photoshoot, share some creative ideas, suggest fall family photoshoot outfits, and emphasize the importance of capturing candid moments filled with love and fun.

Benefits of Fall Family Mini Shoots:

  1. Shorter Time and Cheaper: Fall is a busy season for families, with school activities, holidays, and more. Mini photoshoots offer a shorter time commitment, making them convenient for even the busiest schedules. Plus, they are typically more budget-friendly, making professional photography accessible to everyone.

  2. Capture the Essence of Fall: Fall is famous for its warm and inviting colors. A mini photoshoot in Earl Bales Park allows you to capture the breathtaking beauty of the season. The park's lush greenery transforms into a stunning canvas of fall colors, providing a picturesque setting for your family photos.

Sibling love during a fall photoshoot at earl bales park by Little Blue Lemon

Fall Family Photoshoot Ideas:

  1. Leaf Pile Play: Let your little ones dive into piles of fallen leaves. The joy and laughter on their faces as they play will make for heartwarming and candid photos.

  2. Cozy Blanket Snuggles: Bring a cozy blanket and gather your family close. Capture the warmth and togetherness with candid shots of you all wrapped up in the fall colors.

A mom kisses her newborn during a beautiful fall family photoshoot at Earl Bales Park by Little Blue Lemon.

Fall Family Photoshoot Outfits:

  1. Earth Tones: Embrace the season by choosing outfits in earthy tones like deep greens, rich browns, and warm oranges. These colours will complement the fall foliage beautifully.

  2. Layers and Textures: Add depth to your photos by layering clothing and incorporating different textures. Think scarves, cardigans, and boots for a stylish autumn look.

A cute toddler hugs mom's leg at a Fall Family Photoshoot at Earl Bales Park by Little Blue Lemon.

Investing in Family Memories:

A fall family photoshoot is not just about creating beautiful images; it's an investment in your family's memories. These photos will be cherished for years to come, reminding you of the love and happiness you share. Whether you frame them on your wall or create a custom album, these candid moments will be treasured.

Capturing Candid Photos:

While posed family portraits are lovely, it's often the candid shots that hold the most emotion and authenticity. Allow your family to be themselves during the photoshoot. Little Blue Lemon specializes in capturing these genuine moments of love and fun, creating lasting memories you'll adore.

Fall family mini shoots at Earl Bales Park offer the perfect opportunity to capture the beauty of the season, your family's love, and the fun you share together. With shorter sessions and budget-friendly options, it's a convenient way to invest in priceless memories. Embrace the fall colors, dress in cozy outfits, and let the candid moments unfold. Book your session with Little Blue Lemon today and treasure these memories for a lifetime.

Price: $325+tx

20 Minute Sessions

All images provided

Oct 22 only

Contact us to book your timeslot: info@littlebluelemon.comor 647-215-5625



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