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Little Blue Lemon's Heartfelt Answers to Your Wedding Photography Questions

Hey there, lovely brides-to-be! Welcome to Little Blue Lemon's cozy corner of the internet. We're all about capturing those oh-so-special moments of your big day. As one of Toronto's top wedding photographers, we've heard a ton of questions from brides just like you. So, grab a cup of your favorite drink, and let's dive into those burning questions with some heart-to-heart answers.

bride and groom laughing at head table at Holland Marsh Winery, captured by Little Blue Lemon

1. When's the Best Time to Book a Wedding Photographer?

Our Tip: As soon as you've got that shiny ring and a date set, start looking for your photographer. In Toronto, things can get pretty busy, so we suggest getting in touch with us at Little Blue Lemon about 9-12 months before your wedding. It's never too early to start chatting about your dream photos!

2. What Makes a Great Wedding Photographer?

Our Thoughts: It's all about finding someone who gets you. Do you love quirky, candid shots? Or maybe something more classic? Check out portfolios, read reviews, and most importantly, find someone you click with (pun intended!). We're all about creating a fun, relaxed vibe while snapping those precious moments.

3. How Long Should My Photographer Stick Around?

Our Advice: Generally, 8-10 hours should cover all the big moments, from slipping into your dress to those funky dance moves at the reception. If your wedding has lots of events or locations, let's chat about what works best for you.

4. Should I Do an Engagement Shoot?

Our Take: Absolutely! It's a fab way to get comfy with the camera and us. Plus, you'll get some gorgeous shots for your invites or to jazz up your wedding website.

Engagement photo of couple giggling in the grass during a picnic captured by Little Blue Lemon

5. Can I Give You a List of Must-Have Photos?

Our Answer: For sure! We've got the experience to capture all the big moments, but your list will make sure we don't miss any special people or surprises you've planned.

6. What If It Rains?

Our Promise: Rain or shine, we've got it covered. Some of our favorite shots have come from unexpected weather! But hey, having a cozy indoor spot as a plan B is always a good idea.

7. When Will I Get to See My Photos?

Our Process: We usually take about 2-4 weeks to sprinkle our magic on your photos. We want to make sure every image is just perfect for you.

8. Do You Offer Albums or Prints?

Our Offerings: Yep! We've got all sorts of goodies, from digital files to beautiful custom albums. Let's talk about what you're dreaming of!

9. What If Something Happens to You Before My Wedding?

Our Backup Plan: Don't worry, we've got a team of awesome photographers who can step in if needed. We're all about making sure your day goes off without a hitch.

10. How Does Payment Work?

Our Policy: We keep it simple with a contract that lays everything out and payments usually split into installments. We'll sort out all the details before your big day.

Wrapping It Up

Choosing your wedding photographer is like finding a new friend who's as excited about your wedding as you are. At Little Blue Lemon, we're all about capturing those laughs, tears, and dance moves in the most genuine way. Got more questions or ready to chat about your day? We're just a message away!

Remember, your wedding is all about celebrating your unique love story, and we're here to capture every beautiful chapter. Let's make some memories!



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