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Best Engagement Shoot Location in Toronto

Gonna make a bold statement here – the best location for an engagement shoot in Toronto is Earl Bales Park.

As a Toronto Wedding Photographer, we've been around and shot in many different locations for weddings and engagement shoots. You could say we've seen our fair share and if you'd like to know what makes for a great location, the answer is variety. The top wedding photographers will tell you that variety in your engagement shoot location will keep the shoot lively and prevent it from getting stale. Scroll down to see the cute engagement shoot photos of Pamela & Paul at Earl Bales Park in September.

So if you are stuck for ideas for engagement shoot locations, Earl Bales Park has: dense forest and hiking trails, biking trails, a pond, a ski hill, an amphitheatre, an off-leash dog park, fields, a community centre, brick walls, a massive jungle gym, graffiti, trees, fire pit, shipping containers, and over 100 acres of park...none of which requires a permit! That means that within a 5 minute walk, you can completely change the look of your shoot and it's all free. it is literally a week's worth of photography!

Engagement Shoot Photos will definitely help you get comfortable in front of the camera, especially for those of us who tend to feel a bit awkward.

Now, while you're at it, this is a great time to show off those cute engagement shoot outfits; let's just say "an excuse to pick up some dresses for engagement shoot" lol.

Props are also great – something to show of your personality at your engagement shoot; a picnic, balloons, books, hockey sticks....whatever spells "you" to make it unique.

Also, as the autumn is fast approaching, the trees will look a glorious set of orange/red/yellow hues. Book your engagement shoot today and check out Earl Bales Park.



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