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Engagement Shoot with Little Blue Lemon

At Little Blue Lemon, we understand that engagement shoots are a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera and have fun with your partner. Our goal is to capture the emotion and fun of the session while getting to know you and who you are.

engagement shoot of a couple laughing together while leaning against a city building in winter

"Engagement shoots don't have to be boring!"

We don't believe engagement shoots have to be boring and stiff. They also don't have to be limited to green spaces. If you are not park people OR we are doing an engagement shoot in Toronto during winter or at the very beginning of spring, a park may not be the best location. It's very brown, there's lots of mud and it's pretty bare. That's why we offer urban engagement shoots that incorporate city life, textures, and blurred backgrounds.

a woman's hair is flying in the wind as she embraces her husband

"Engagement shoots are about who you are as a couple"

At Little Blue Lemon, we specialize in providing a unique and personalized experience for our clients. Our engagement shoots capture the essence of each couple in an intimate and meaningful way. It's important to have the conversation about what location best suits your personalities. For example, on a Sunday afternoon, would you choose to watch a movie on the couch, go to a pub or for brunch, go for a hike, a picnic... you get the idea. These type of questions help us narrow down the feel. Each of our shoots is tailored to the couple, and we make sure to ask questions that help you find the perfect location and atmosphere to suit your style.

a woman on her tippy toes and a man flat footed both wearing nike shoes

We have many couples who tell us, "we hate photos", "we are not comfortable getting our picture taken", "we are awkward" etc. This is so normal... but let's just say you have never been photographed by Little Blue Lemon! Trust us, it's a wicked good time!

Get in touch, let us capture your story. To see more of our work, visit our portfolio page.

insta: @littlebluelemon


Location: Yonge & Sheppard Toronto.



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