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'Tis the season for engagement shoots

October has been the month of engagement shoots. This October, I think we have done more engagement shoots than ever before. The weather and colours have been spectacular and couples have had more flexibility and time to make it happen. With so many weddings moving to 2021, we too have had more time to schedule and photograph engagement sessions on weekends, weekdays and weeknights. So its all worked out! We are so grateful for couples like Jenelle and Mark who have trusted us to capture their wedding next year!

The beauty of candid, emotional engagement photos

When we photograph an engagement shoot, we want our couples to feel comfortable in front of the camera. An engagement session is perfect practice as there are no distractions and we can really focus on capturing you as a couple. We strive to shoot a variety of photos - some that are more classic and others that really show the true candid nature of your personalities. Our favourite images are the ones that help to tell a story of you are together as a couple - a photograph that makes you feel the emotion of that moment. We love capturing authentic laughter and love and Jenelle and Mark made our jobs super easy :)

This engagement session was captured in a North York park. Lots of trees and trails providing for that golden forest look. As Toronto wedding photographers we always want to find locations that are free, large and provide lots of variety. This is one of our fave spots because it lends itself to beautiful backgrounds and has so much space, so that if one area becomes crowded, it's easy to move to another spot with almost no one around.

The trees are now almost bare and we just had our first snow fall yesterday - so winter is in the air! Yes, we are some of those crazy people who adore the snow ... ski season can't come soon enough!

Can't wait for the holiday season and for weddings to be both BIG and Small in 2021.

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