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Fall Family Photoshoots

Fall is here, the leaves are changing colour and we have been blessed with gloriously warm weather! Traditionally, October would be a month packed with weddings but due to Covid-19 most are postponed to next year. The result this year has been a ton more time for fall family photo sessions and fall engagement shoots which we absolutely love! We are always in search for the best colours, the best trees, the best outdoor space and so far, we think we have found it. Having the chance to photograph Jackie and Colin and their growing family was such a delight! We photographed their wedding a few years back and to be asked to capture their family as it grows is such an honour! Check out the beautiful photos and stunning fall colours during this lovely fall family shoot.

We often get asked how long a family photo session usually is, as families want the photoshoot to be stress free and fun. Usually, our family photoshoots tend to be about 1 hour as that tends to be what kids have patience for LOL. Our job as photographers is to make the shoot fun and stress free so that everyone has a great time. Choosing a space that has a playground is always a plus as it gives kids something to look forward too and allows for capture of some great candids.



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