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The Beauty of a Photoshoot with Family

We had the pleasure of meeting Sabina through a close friend and we are SO glad we did! She is a gem of a person and her family is so absolutely wonderful (check out her instagram). Being parents ourselves, we understand how hard it can be to capture a wonderful family photo... even as professional photographers we too struggle with this, having to set the timer and take shot after shot LOL. We have since perfected this, giving high fives when we actually get the shot on the first take! But normally if taking photos of loved ones, there is always the mom or dad who are missing from the picture because they are the ones taking it.

Taking the time to hire a professional photographer to capture you and your family, ensures that each of you get your spotlight in front of the lens. We strive to capture your family's uniqueness and blend together formals as well as candids of everyone in action, laughing and enjoying the day. Family photoshoots are such a fun way to spend a morning or afternoon and the pics always warm our hearts.

As we continue to shoot and capture families, we love seeing our work displayed on walls, social media and videos. Children grow so fast and as much as we want to say we will remember every detail, the reality is, we don't. Having photos and videos to remind us of these special moments in time, is so incredibly important. We still have our grandparent photo albums and looking at all those old photos reminds us of the importance of what we do.

As we see these photos being shared on social media, we know that our families will cherish these images for generations and can't wait to see them included in slideshows for birthdays, weddings and oh so much more!

To see more examples of our work, check out our Family section.

Location: James Gardens



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