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Two Dogs and An Engagement

What's better than one dog? ... That's right, TWO dogs! We have written about pets and engagement shoots before and we've gotta say, it's becoming increasingly popular to include our furry loved ones in Toronto engagement sessions. I mean, why not? After all they are family and just as big a part of a marriage as their human counterparts.

Some Ideas for Pet Photography

So if you are wanting to include your furry friends, here are some engagement session ideas in mind. Make sure you bring a leash and a friend if needed, to take care of your pet while we do a few photos of just the two of you. As much as we want to include your pets, we also want to make sure we can capture some candid fun of the two of you on your own and give your pets a break. Treats are also great to reward good behaviour and keep your pet motivated :) And the last and most important thing - be prepared to have fun!

We are in love with everything about Sarah & Dan's engagement shoot. Silly, fun, laid back - it was amazing to hang out with these two and we honestly can't wait to photograph their wedding in Muskoka next year.

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