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Urban Dream - A Toronto Engagement Shoot

Did you know that an engagement shoot is not about the location, the background or even the season. An engagement shoot is all about you, the couple! We can make any background look fabulous as it's not about a wide open space, it's not even about what is in that space ... instead when we are looking for a location, it's all about texture. Large, wide landscape shots are amazing but you can't photograph an entire engagement shoot that way as it's not intimate or emotional. Instead, the photo becomes more about where you are rather than the emotion you feel towards each other. Remember, most of the time, the amount of background you see in an engagement photo is small, sometimes even blurred out as the main subject of the photo is you.

Some of our favourite engagement photoshoot locations in Toronto, are just regular city spots. Whether a park like Earl Bales or urban feel like Sheppard and Yonge - there is so much to shoot in this city that lends itself to amazing photos. We also LOVE areas that don't require a permit to shoot - free is always great!

Emerald and Tim are fabulous, bubbly, and fun and we had the best time capturing their engagement shoot in the Yonge and Sheppard area. A nice walk to nearby buildings, parks, and city streets allowed for some really nice textured backgrounds and beautiful variety for their engagement session! Can't wait to photograph their wedding next year!

Trust us to create amazing photos - because in the end, this photoshoot is about the love you two share.



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