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Wedding Trends 2019: Invitations For Starters

Trying to do any research for your wedding can be an overwhelming process. Especially when it comes down to trying to figure out what exactly is on trend this year, or what new styles and ideas are out there. It seems like every magazine, website and blog has its own idea of what the “it” look will be, and its own take on how to make it work for you.

But really, who has time to go poring over dozens and dozens of websites? You don’t, you’re busy planning your wedding! So let us do the legwork for you. We’ve gone through all the biggest sources of wedding info out there looking for only the best trends and biggest ideas, the concepts we keep seeing time and time again. This post will start our series on what the biggest wedding trends in 2019 so far.

Let your “too much” gene out to play.

So let's start. First. let's focus on, what we call, "Too Much Good!"

If there's one thing that’s clear about 2019, it’s that it’s not a year for playing it safe, or for minimalism. Have a crazy idea? Something that feels a bit too big or loud or opulent? This is your year to give it a try!

With a couple of exceptions (which I’ll get to in later posts) a general trend we’re seeing with everything from decor to receptions to cakes is that more is better. Some are tying this back to the after effects of the Royal Wedding last year, which left everyone longing for a bit of regality in their weddings, but whatever your reason, take the chance to make your wedding big!


This can start as early as your invitations, with trends towards everything from elaborate typography across multi-piece paper invites, to video invitations and mirrors. Vellum paper is a great, simple way to add some depth and texture to your invites, and with it being fairly easy to work with and customize, lends itself to someone looking do DIY those invites.

Crafting not your thing? Try sourcing some custom art for your invites from a local artist. With the rise of sites like Etsy, as well as a variety of local artist communities, it’s now easier than ever to find an artist with the exact style you love.

Have fun with it, basically. I know we enjoy a great invite when we see one. That's all for now; the next post coming up will be pretty mouth watering – CAKES!



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