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A Groom's Guide On What To Wear On Your Wedding Day

"I guess I need to get a suit for my wedding." This is the most common response we get from wedding grooms when asked what they're wearing on their special day. Another common question we get asked is this one: “Should I rent or buy a suit for my wedding?”

Granted, many wedding grooms have a sense of style and know what they'll be wearing at their ceremony. Still, renting vs. buying a groom suit and or tuxedo for your nuptials is still a viable option.

Renting a Groomsmen’s Suit vs. Buying a Groomsmen’s Suit

Among the Best Wedding Photographers in Toronto, Little Blue Lemon works with menswear clothiers in The Greater Toronto and beyond. In fact, we’ve been at it for over a decade now. However, one particular clothing store and its owner stand head and shoulders above the rest. Meet Catherine Bourgouin, owner and Principal Menswear Stylist at Style Code Inc.

Based in her men's clothing store in North York, Catherine is known as one of the top fashion and wardrobe consultants for men in and near the GTA. She has a keen eye for fitting and dressing guys of all ages and sizes. In fact, she can tell within a few minutes of meeting you which styles, sizes, and fits will best suit your body type.

Your Local Groomswear Specialist

Catherine has a passion for menswear fashion and this includes tuxedos and other wedding suits for men.

She offers the best in men's styles, from selection and measurement to the fitting for all members of the wedding party such as The Groom, Best Man and Groomsmen. It’s the ultimate experience when purchasing wedding apparel for men. And they’re all affordable, so as not to burn through your budget.

Groom and Groomsmen FAQ's

We asked Catherine to answer a few common questions we get from Grooms and Groomsmen, alike. Read to learn more.

What color should I get if I only buy one suit?

Are you purchasing a suit for your wedding, yet plan to use it for other events? If so, then follow these men's fashion and style best practices:

· Color: Go with a solid color in black, navy or charcoal. These colors offer the most versatility in function and form. Moreover, a suit in these colors can be reused, again and again, for any formal gathering.

· Fabric: As for your suit's material, we recommend a year-round virgin wool fabric. It's light in weight and offers excellent comfort without creasing.

Do I need to wear a tie for my wedding?

The short answer is yes. For the wedding ceremony, the groom should always wear a tie and keep it on for all wedding photos and wedding videos.

We also suggest that Groomsmen wear solid silk ties. A silk tie always represents the best in any formal appearance. And when the party starts and the dancing begins, then by all means, loosen that tie or take it off. You've earned it!

How much should my groomsman suit cost?

The price for a Groomsman’s suit can vary depending upon several factors. In fact, a suit’s style (wedding suit or tuxedo), material, color and more can influence its price. As a result, it helps to set a budget before shopping for wedding apparel. Also, consider combining the look that you’re going for without breaking your best buds' bank. They'll thank you for it later!

As Style Code Inc., we get it. The choices and cost of a wedding groomsman suit can be daunting. And we understand this. So, let us suggest options in the form of two affordable and stylish specials for Groom and Groomsmen:

· Package #1 - $295.00 (suit, shirt and tie)

· Package #2 - $495.00 (suit, shirt and tie)

In most cases, the price difference is driven by the fabric that you choose. In fact, our groom and groomsmen suits come in a variety of materials, fits, styles and colors. And pant hemming is always included.

What's the First step in co-coordinating a look for my Groomsmen?

The first step is to meet with the bride and groom to gain a clear understanding of the look they're going for. We take many things into consideration, including:

· Venue setting (indoors or outdoors)

· Bridesmaids dresses & colors

· Bouquet colors

· And more.

We aim to tie every detail and nuance into a cohesive, complementary bow. Moreover, every piece is considered and discussed to ensure that you're 100% satisfied. And once an overall look is established, we can start to explore various wedding suit options that meet your budget and style.

From there, we invite your groomsmen in for a measurement and fitting. It's at this point that we ask our groom and bride to sit back and relax over a glass of Prosecco. We tend to all remaining and relevant details from here on. As part of our service, we also look after all alterations and ensure that garments are steamed and pressed.

Next, we explore accessory options and provide tips to have the best looking groomsmen at your wedding. For instance, we’ll review tie color, cufflinks, fun socks and more. At Style Code Inc., it's all about the details in order to ensure a crisp, clean look!

What is the process when styling a groom for a made-to-measure suit?

Our first step in putting together a made-to-measure suit for a groom is to sit down and explore the overall look he is going for on his wedding day. Is he looking for a sleek black tuxedo, 007 Style? Or does the suit need to be more versatile and serve for formal as well as casual occasions? Next up, we carefully select fabrics, linings, buttons, and trim details. At this stage, we prefer to have our groom seated close to our window to explore the true and actual colors, textures, and fabrics in their right light. Once done, we take all necessary measurements and images to produce a garment that fits like a glove! Every detail is taken into consideration, including posture and shoulder placement. Following two to three weeks, we re-invite our groom back for a fitting where we examine the garment for any necessary alterations and mark the trousers for hemming. For the final step of the process, we view the entire ensemble and offer styling suggestions such as cufflinks, tie, dress shirt, belt and shoes.

Let the wedding bells ring

And there you have it! Style Code's process guarantees that your wedding day goes off without a hitch. That’s why they are Little Blue Lemon's go-to shop for men’s wedding wear fashion and styling.

So, suppose you're still asking yourself what to wear to a wedding. In that case, we suggest visiting Style Code Inc. before committing to any other options. Of course, you can shop around, but why rent an off-the-rack generic wedding suit when, for just a few extra dollars, you can have a custom look, a suit and tie that is yours to keep forever and a day…a wedding day."

If you are interested in exploring Style Code Inc., Contact Catherine through her website, or better yet, get in touch with us, and we'll set up an introduction!

Call Little Blue Lemon at 416.873.2517 for an introduction and get to know Style Code Inc. You'll be glad you did.

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