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A Barn Wedding that Checks all the Boxes!

We met Kirsten and Bryan at Canada's Bridal Show in January. With some people, you just know as there is an instant connection. We spent about 15 minutes talking about the Bradford Barn and the fact that their dinner was going to be BBQ - um YES Please!!! We knew from that instant that we just had to be the photographers to shoot their wedding and lucky for us, they did too. The Bradford Barn also has an in-house band called thelooks and they were one of the BEST bands we have seen play a wedding to date!!! Like WOW (and we have seen a LOT of bands lol)!!!!

We started the day with Bryan and the boys getting ready. Everyone was in traditional kilts and Doc Martens - we loved the mix of generations, from Kirsten's son Zach to her dad Bruce - this groomsmen party was the perfect mix. Also, check out the Batman accessories; very, very cool.

From there we headed to the backside of the bridal suite to meet Kirsten and the ladies. So much love and thought went into every detail, from the dress, accessories and decor. The flowers, created by Mid Valley Gardens, were fabulous - perfect for a barn style wedding. Wild and beautiful, light and airy. The brooch, necklace and wedding band were all family heirlooms passed down from generations past.

So much celebration, champaign, giggles and "The Floss" - it was now time, to get into the dress and get ready for the first look. First looks these days are becoming increasingly popular especially for weddings that have a ceremony and reception that are back to back. It's a great way to reduce the stress of trying to get all the photos done during cocktails (which is usually not enough time). Having a first look, ensures everyone can relax, we can shoot in as many locations as the couple wants and it creates a build up and excitement toward the ceremony. Highly recommend a first look!

How cute is this Flower Girl - putting on lipstick - heart melting!!!!

Also, loved that Kirsten's daughter Riley, was so involved in the preparations - so many wonderful and touching moments - felt the tears start as we were shooting these picture lol!

The Bradford Barn had some wonderful games ready for the kids as they waiting for the ceremony to start - let's hear it for the beanbag toss!

The weather was about to change for the worse, but we made the last minute call to keep the wedding outdoors. The barn has a lovely outdoor setup overlooking the fields. It's beautiful, natural and rustic. A real gem of a location.

With the ceremony complete, we had a chance to set up and capture all of the room details before the reception officially began. Check out the cake by Cake Creations by Michelle - with a hidden Batman logo and Gotham on the back! The reception entrance was a hit with the first dance right off the hop. Kirsten and Bryan danced followed by each dancing with the kids, Riley and Zach. Then it was BBQ time - and Woah! Delish doesn't begin to describe the meal. And.... take a look - that reception kiss was not with the Bride & Groom - everyone was laughing so hard, they were crying!

It began to rain super hard during the reception, but it ended just after dinner, before sunset. We took full advantage and were even blessed with a full rainbow!

And... then party time - with a fabulous band and a crew that just wouldn't quit. This was a wedding for the record books! Congrats Kirsten, Bryan, Zach and Riley!

Toronto Wedding Photographer: Little Blue Lemon



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