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Why is Everyone Talking about Facetime Photoshoots?

As photographers, we MISS being able to photograph people, families, weddings, and events.... Cue Technology!

Facetime Live allows us to virtually photograph couples, people, families, even pets all from the comfort of your own home or backyard. Pretty Cool!

At first, we were really not sure what we were going to get... but as we continued, the results are pretty spectacular. It's fun, exciting and gives people something creative (other than baking) to do. This is a time that will definitely be written in our history books - the whole world, pretty much locked down because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. With everyone being restricted to their homes, and with social distancing in place, we feel that it's important for people to have photos during this time. This is all part of our life journey after all... what better way to tell our story than through photos. I mean think about it... in 30 years, when you are telling your grandchildren about this time - how incredible would it be to have a photo to show?

So what is a virtual photoshoot?

Currently, we are only able to do virtual photoshoots with people who have Facetime. The main thing is to ensure that Facetime LIVE is activated. Once that happens, we are able to capture photos remotely using our subject's cameras. We direct and give guidance through Facetime, based on our subject's home and light availability. From there, we capture the images, and post produce them before releasing a gallery of results.

Currently, we are offering Facetime photoshoot sessions to our current 2020 wedding clients FREE of charge. Some of our couple's have chosen to do the photoshoot on their original wedding date to help celebrate their original date and capture this part of their wedding story. But we are open to scheduling the shoots to whenever works best for people. The shoot takes about 30 minutes.

We do offer virtual Facetime photoshoots for anyone interested. If you are not a current 2020 wedding but want to have a session anyways, get in touch. The cost is only $40.00 and we will release all the final images to you within days.

It's fun! It's creative! Get in touch!

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