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Jessica & Farzad – Rustic Toronto Wedding at Fantasy Farm – Digital and 35mm Film

Jessica and Farzad were married at Fantasy Farm, a venue that makes a lot of smiles in our camera-hearts. "Why? What makes it a great photo location is that it is, a great place to play Hide & Seek with lots of nooks and crannies and places to explore – lots of variety in a short amount of time.

We started the day at Courtyard by Marriott, enjoying a chilled out morning with Jess, her mom and her Maid of Honour. She looked stunning and was ready in plenty of time for us to shoot lots of really gorgeous portraits, before we all shipped off to Fantasy Farm for the First Look.

To change thing up, this summer our studio decided to go back and start shooting film at weddings again, in addition to shooting digital. It was really refreshing and allowed for the ebb and flow of the days pace to change nicely. Pretty sure it's something we'll do a bit more of! See some of the negs scanned in below :)

We met Farzad at the venue in preparation for the first look. Before we knew it, Jess was steps away, and well, Farzad's face was priceless. That expression when a groom sees his bride - get's me every time. We took a walk with them and the bridal party around the massive grounds for some photos and then headed to the ceremony.

Can we say how cute the flower girl was!!!

After the ceremony, we headed in for the reception and before we knew it, dinner and speeches were over and the dance party was under way – and boy do we love a hopping dance-floor! Congrats Jess and Farzad! Thanks for having us!



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