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One King West Wedding, Downtown Toronto

How do we even begin to describe the loveliness that is Vanessa & James! We loved that we started with the groom, groomsmen and fathers all at Mankind, a barber / grooming shop midtown Toronto. Let's just say, after photographing all the pampering that was happening during that hour, even we felt relaxed when we left. That place is awesome! It's Danielle writing this blog, and if I were a guy, I would definitely want to go to this place. Honestly, I wish they offered services for women as I would make an appointment "lickety-split" LOL.

Check out how handsome and relaxed James looked after all that pampering

We then headed out to One King West Hotel in downtown Toronto, to meet Vanessa who was with her bridesmaids and mom (who was also the maid of honour - LOVE THAT!). Vanessa colour coordinated everything to match - from the flowers, bridesmaids dresses and even her hair - 100% Fab! Did you know, that the colour turquoise is associated with meaning energy, creativity, emotional balance, good luck, spiritual grounding, friendship, love, and joy (source). I don't think a colour could more accurately describe Vanessa.

Next up, the ceremony which took place in the Austin Gallery, at One King West on one of the upper floors of the hotel.

One King West hotel is famous for its place in history as it was once the Dominion Bank (in 1914!). The bank vault, which we still have access to today (VERY COOL PHOTOS), was once considered to be the best equipped and largest bank vault in Canada. So of course, that was our first stop. After exploring the vault, the back of the hotel offers some great photo opportunities with some fantastic urban landscapes. We took full advantage of these features with the bridal party and Vanessa & James.

The reception was held at the One King West ballroom - Did you know that this ballroom was once a banking hall - they even have the original marble tables that used to be used for deposit slips! Pretty cool to be married in a place with so much Toronto history.

A super fun wedding, filled with amazing family and friends! Congratulations Vanessa & James!

Venue: One King West Music: Epiq Vision 

Makeup and hair: Glam Galz

Rings: People's



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