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50th Anniversary Bash at Paradise

We have had the pleasure of photographing a number of weddings and events for this family. So much so over the years, that we feel as if we too are part of their family. One of the joys of being photographers is seeing families grow and change over time - weddings, children, grandchildren - being the ones tasked with documenting their lives is a true honour.

Angela & Giovanni had their 50th wedding anniversary at Paradise Banquet Hall. When we walked in, we were in awe of the fabulous decor they planned and arranged. When chatting we discovered that Angela and Giovanni were married when Angela was only 17 and really had no idea how to plan a wedding. This anniversary party to her, was the wedding she always wanted. The love, joy and excitement between these two was a true inspiration and testament to a beautiful marriage.

Everything was held at Paradise - a lovely venue because of the versatility and diversity of the grounds. The weather was suprisingly warm for fall and we did the majority of photos outside on the bridge and outdoor ceremony area.

We then headed into the hall for cocktails and an afternoon reception. This event ran 100% like a wedding - everyone ready to eat, laugh, dance, and celebrate the 50 years of love between these two fabulous people!

Congratulations Angela and Giovanni! We hope that this party was everything you imagined and more.



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