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Do I Really Need a Wedding Rain Plan?

Now that we are all stuck indoors, weathering the storm of COVID-19, a lot of couples find they have time to think more about their wedding plans. We are all hoping that this pandemic will be long over before summer and that we will start to get back to our celebrations - and how SWEET those celebrations will be! Despite the uncertain times, there are things we can start to think about - like a schedule of the day, locations and even rain plans. Some couples have had to adjust their original wedding dates to later in the summer, fall and winter. With season changes comes some extra planning that may be worth thinking about.

Rain Plans

Everyone hopes for a sunny day on their wedding, but how big a deal is it if your nuptials fall on a slightly drearier one?

Realistically, not much. There’s absolutely no reason that a few clouds or a smattering of rain should have any effect on your overall enjoyment of your wedding day. Even more severe weather,  like heavy rain or thunderstorms are no reason to fret. With a little planning and a few creative ideas, there’s no reason not to get the best out of whatever weather situation you’re in.

Step One: have an outdoor wedding rain plan

Simply put, have a plan in place for any part of the day that is going to be outside. Garden ceremony? Make sure your venue has an alternate indoor space for if that rain starts falling. Have a gorgeous park or forest you’re dying to have your romantics shot in? Figure out what other options there are in that location, or find a backup location, if the weather isn’t cooperating. Talk to your wedding photographer about the hall your reception is at - is it a place they can work with if you need to do family photos and romantics there instead of at an outdoor space? A good wedding photographer is going to be able to work with whatever location you have to shoot at. Plus most Toronto wedding photographers have had the opportunity to shoot is some pretty incredible locations - so we are more than happy to share our thoughts.

Step Two: Be realistic

Part of your planning process has to be to look at the day realistically. While spring or fall weddings are great, they also substantially up the risk of your day being rained out - or simply just too cold to do everything outside that you want to do. It’s a question you have to ask yourselves as you’re making your plan - how much is rain on the big day going to bother me?

If the answer is “a lot” it might be worthwhile looking at dates more towards the summer, which will likely increase your chances of a more balmy day. But if you’re ok with the risk, a spring or fall wedding is definitely the type that warrants making some backup plans.

Step Three: Gear up

Weatherproofing your wedding is an easy enough process, and only requires a bit of work on your end.

First and foremost, invest in a few umbrellas. It’s worth shelling out a bit more for something stylish that matches your dress or suit, as if you do need one on the day, it's easy enough for your photographer to make that very practical umbrella a very cool accessory as part of your shots.

Along with that umbrella you are going to need someone to hold it for you, Make sure you have a trusty groomsman, friend or sibling recruited as your dedicated umbrella holder for different parts of the day. You don’t want to be fumbling around with accessories, in the cold and rain, while also trying to keep composed for all your photos.

Step Four: Consider inside with an outside option

If reading this article is giving you anxiety at just the thought of the prospect of it maybe raining on your wedding day, than maybe it’s worth keeping a backup plan in place to put your mind at ease.

There are a lot of reasons why you’d want to pull back on being outside on your big day - maybe your dress is very delicate and fragile and you worry about getting it dirty, maybe you have a lot of older relatives and you don’t want to subject them to the sun, or maybe it’s something as simple as you want the ease of having your whole event in one place so you don’t have to worry about travelling around too much and dealing with the elements.

All of these are totally valid reasons, and luckily you have lots of options for indoor locations that have outdoor options, that are going to be just as stunning. Many wedding venues pride themselves on their beautiful chapels, and similarly, both reception halls and local indoor landmarks can provide a variety of options for places to take photos that will allow your photographers to express their creative side while also capturing beautiful memories of your day.

No matter what you decide, work with your wedding vendors, and your wedding photographer to customize a plan that works for you. The better the plan, the more relaxed you will be on your wedding day and the better your photos will be.

All photos taken by Toronto Wedding Photographer, Little Blue Lemon



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